1st CCW gun, cross platforms from revolver to auto?

1st CCW gun, cross platforms from revolver to auto?

This is a discussion on 1st CCW gun, cross platforms from revolver to auto? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi all, first off long time looker first time poster. Did my share of research and decided concealed carry was for me, filed for my ...

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Thread: 1st CCW gun, cross platforms from revolver to auto?

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    1st CCW gun, cross platforms from revolver to auto?

    Hi all, first off long time looker first time poster. Did my share of research and decided concealed carry was for me, filed for my CWP last week and have some questions for you guys, all opinions welcome. Bought my first handgun this summer, a ruger GP100 4" for when I go backpacking/home defense and whatnot, absolutely love it but that is beside the point. During my class I got to shoot some guns I was interested in carrying, the LC9 and the shield in 9mm. Loved the shield but not so much the LC9. My question is if for my first carry gun would it be better to get a snub nosed revolver in 357 magnum, pros would be I can use the same ammo as my GP100 and am use to the trigger/layout of a revolver, or pick up a shield when I can and get better on the auto side. Budget wise it would be cheaper to look around at some pawn shops and try to score a deal on a snubbie. Bottom line is do you have any opinions on what a 1st carry gun should be, go with what you are use to or change it up?

    Thanks, Jake

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    Not to worry you will get plenty of advice on this forum..... Altho it boils down to what you will feel the need to have and what you will be comfortable. What to carry is a personal thing.......
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    Re: 1st CCW gun, cross platforms from revolver to auto?

    My personal opinion,
    I would buy an auto. More concealable, quicker reloads, easier reloads, and a 357 magnum in a snub nose is not fun to shoot and not good for quick follow ups. My .02!

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    Snubbies fill an important niche, but they really require a lot of practice to become proficient with their use. I would recommend something a little larger and with "real" sights for your first carry gun.
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    The only questions you're asking are those that have been argued here from day one.

    Small capacity, big caliber. High capacity, low caliber.

    Quick answer: You are not limited to making a choice. Get them all. Get that .357 snubbie and get the hi-cap 9mm. Try them both and see what you think.
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    Or you can get a high capacity large caliber. I like my Glock 21 SF. It takes all kinds. You should go to a range and shoot several different guns and calibers, and find out what you prefer. Whatever you choose, you will be able to conceal it if you really want to.

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    If you already have a revolver, I'd suggest 'experimenting' with some semi-autos. I'd suggest the same if it were vice versa as well. If you're lucky enough to a) live where there's a range you can rent guns or b) know somebody with a decent assortment and willing to let you test fire them: do it. Just because a gun looks like something you'd like, doesn't mean your hands will.
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    I'm old school, I started out carrying a 357 snubby, switched over to a Glock 19 for about a year (outstanding gun) then the bug hit me again and had to get my Ruger SP101 357 3# barrel, Love revolvers and the SP is my EDC. Its all a matter of your own personal choice, revovler vs simi-auto.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    Snubbies fill an important niche, but they really require a lot of practice to become proficient with their use. I would recommend something a little larger and with "real" sights for your first carry gun.
    +1 on this.
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    Given the options you offered, I recommend the Shield. It has the reliability of a proven flatform, is fun to shoot and relatively easy to acquire the manual of arms for, the most affordable ammo this side of .22. Lightweight, easy to carry, what is not to like?
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    It's ok to be dually afflicted and shoot and carry both revolvers and automatics.
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    I have a Glock 19, a 1911, and Makarovs (and holsters to carry them all), but I'm a snubbie-holic and I carry a snub regularly.

    I have a little .357 wheelgun that is a dream to carry.

    I say get both. (If you're like many of us here on the forum, you probably will anyway)

    Here's some shameless gun porn:
    1st CCW gun, cross platforms from revolver to auto?-charter_wood_gripz.jpg

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    Since your first gun was a GP100, it wouldn't be a bad choice to go with a snubbie as your first carry gun. My only caveat would be to make sure your state doesn't have restrictions on revolvers vs. semi-autos, like TX, if you qualify with a revolver you are restricted to carrying only revolvers, if you qualify with a semi-auto you can carry either. Remember, you're just starting out it's not like you're never gonna buy another gun and having a snubbie as a carry option is always viable. Taking the time to learn to shoot revolvers competently will make you an overall better shooter.

    Good choices in snubbies would be a S&W 442/642 or the Ruger SP101.
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    I carry an auto and a J frame as a BUG or just the J frame depending on lost of stuff. That being said of your options I would recommend the shield. I have not shot it, but had an LC9 and sold it. Only gun I have ever sold, or plan on selling. It was a learning mistake (for me) getting that gun. I carried it well but shot it like crud.

    I would eventually get both the shield and the j frame. The J frame is a great and versatile gun and as smitty states, takes some practice.

    I did not get a .357 mag snubby as I felt I would not practice or like to practice with it. For my opinion, the .38+p is enough.

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    OP, it's entirely up to you. Do you feel protected with a 5-6 shot revolver (not that the small "pocket pistol carry more)? Do you need to convert to a semi-auto?

    I carry semi-autos. With all of them the only thing I need to do is pull the trigger. A revolver would be no different, and I'd feel just as protected with a S&W 442 in my pocket.
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