I have been planning to take an ICE Combat Training course in the next few months so I thought I would get a 9mm that is larger than my PM9. I have been a 45 ACP fan most of my adult life,
branching out to the 357 Sig Glock 32 this past year. Well, I decided on the XD-M 9 Compact to use for the course due to cost of ammo and less recoil. (Probably fire 1,000 to 1,200 rounds over 2 days)

In deciding on this purchase, the XD-M 45 ACP Compact was sitting right next to it, so I took both of them home. I guess it is due to the years of firing 45 ACP, but I find that I was more accurate with
the 45 than the 9mm. Seem to me that I had to concentrate more on the sight picture and trigger squeeze with the 9mm. I will continue to practice with both and let you know.

Now to the range report. Fired 250 round of mixed ammo, three different weights in each caliber, FMJ & hollow points. Not the first hiccup, none, nada!!! Very nice trigger on both guns. I really have
liked Glocks in the past. and still do, but it is very hard not to like these XD-M's. These are my 2nd and 3rd Springfields, following my purchase of the XD-S last month. Another great piece, but that's
another report.

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