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Is the "Feel" of a handgun over rated?

This is a discussion on Is the "Feel" of a handgun over rated? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SHTFGearLLC Do you think that handgun "feel" or grip comfort is overrated? What is your primary criteria for handgun selection ? Overrated? ...

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Thread: Is the "Feel" of a handgun over rated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHTFGearLLC View Post
    Do you think that handgun "feel" or grip comfort is overrated?
    What is your primary criteria for handgun selection ?
    Overrated? By some, sure. But for many, whether something comes to feel like an extension of the hand depends greatly upon the basic ergonomics (aka "feel") of the gun in the hand. Some of the ergonomic features can also assist in a person's ability to retain effective control under all circumstances, features without which a gun might slip in the hand, be bobbled during magazine swaps; or, at worst, make it difficult/cumbersome enough to use that it affects performance under stress (ie, harder to reach controls).

    To my way of thinking, utter reliability must (of necessity) be the primary consideration for any defensive handgun. Else, what's the point. Beyond that: it must meet minimums in terms of suitability to task (ie, power to stop a violent assailant, large game animal, whatever); it must suit the need in terms of utility and ease-of-use; it must be appropriately concealable, if carrying is the purpose; and it should be cost-effective enough to run so that it'll be used and practiced with.
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    I think the "feel" ie. ergonomics, the way you interface the controls (size, reach, position, etc.) is very important. To be honest, there are a lot of truly terrific sidearms out there, many with superb track records. Given the multitude of superb firearms feel is what I use to narrow down the best candidates.

    That said, there are weapons that I don't think feel good in the hand (eg. Glock) that I still will carry and use because they're good enough to compensate for the poor handing characteristics. Well, I simply mean poor to my hand, not poor overall.

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    Someone once said that a carry handgun should be comforting, not necessarily comfortable. I think you could apply that to the "feel" of a handgun as well.
    Which might explain why I carry a Glock 30 everywhere I go: comforting, not terribly comfortable.

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    I was at my favorite Pawn shop the other day looking for a .45 cal hand gun. They had a 1911 and a glock 21. The 1911 "felt" good in my hand, when I picked up the glock 21 I "felt" like I had a small telephone pole in my hand. I know glocks are fine weapons and many folks really like them but that thing in my hand just "felt" bad for some reason.

    Going to the Gun show in Tulsa Saturday still looking for a .45.

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    Shoot a CZ75, then report back.

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    I suspect "feel" has sold a lot of guns. When I go to a gun store, I see a lot of people 'feeling up' a lot of guns, then purchasing the one they like. If a gun doesn't 'fit' my hand, I won't buy it.

    I don't fondle guns that haven't met my prior research as to reliability, then I buy the one that feels good in my hand...
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    To me the grip angle is very important. If I point a sig, or a pistol with the same grip angle, at a target the sights are about on, but the glock grip angle leaves the pistol shooting high. For point shooting the grip angle is everything to me. In a self defense situation are you going to take time to get a good sight picture? After learning point shooting I can hit what I want within 20 to 30 feet.

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    Like others I have to say yes and no. I think it is overated to just hold a gun once, not like the feel and be done with it - just like I did with glocks. Couldn't stand the feel of em because of the grip angle, until I shot one. Something about that grip angle really helps with recoil and getting right back on target. Obviously I have become comfortable and used to glocks, my EDC now. I have really come to appreciate the simplicity and light weight and flatness of glocks (flat, not thin). But still if I'm just sitting there holding a glock, its still not the most comfortable thing for my hand.

    Now with that said, I have my CZ that is one of the best feeling guns I've ever held. I love just holding that thing and shooting it is a dream as well.

    Like people say alot around here, you need to try em out - put some rounds through before you can truly decide.
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    no it is not....
    I go back to my revolver days, my brain said SW was the better choich but I always put more in 10 ring with a Colt. I just shoot better with some guns comparative equiped but I just shoot some better than others. Right now I shoot A ruger SR0c better than anything including my trusty 1911 that I have had and shot forever. Only thing I can attribute that to is feel!
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    It depends on what you mean by feel. To me feel mean it fits naturally in your hand, like and extension of your hand. With that definition, I don't think it is over rated.
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    I think feel is overrated to some extent. Both my S&W 3rd gens "feel" better and point more naturally than my Glock 30, but I shoot them all about the same. So while my 6906 fits my hand much better than the G30,it offers no advantage in accuracy or reliability due to that difference.
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    When I look for a gun I have already done my investigation before I go to the gun shops. I have a few I am going to look at. If I see something at the shop not on my list I go home and investigate some more.

    Let's be honest, not all of us have 1,000 dollar to spend on a gun
    Approximate size
    I want to conceal and I only have so much room to hide a gun
    After the gun feels good in my hand. Grip, weight so forth

    Everything can be great but if I am not comfortable with the gun in my hand I am not going to get it

    Everything can be perfect but if I don't like how it shoots I am not going to buy

    So yes, feel combined with recoil and such are the most important things.

    How a gun looks is pretty important to people. For me, lol how a gun looks is really secondary. I like how my gun looks but others think it is ugly, sr9c. Heck, I like how my can opener works but it isn't the best looking thing. To me, a gun is a tool like anything else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SHTFGearLLC View Post
    Dang, forgot to add the poll. Any chance that a moderator could add a poll?

    Question "Is the "Feel" of a handgun overrated?
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    Feel isn't everything, or the only thing, but it is certainly a consideration for me. It is why I don't carry anything smaller than a compact.
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    Great comments, seems to be a fairly even split so far. (maybe more leaning to feel being important)

    I'm not saying the feel of a gun is something that shouldn't be considered. I'm saying the advice I often hear given to new shooters would lead you to believe that "feel" is the primary criteria for choosing a new handgun. I'm simply saying, as most have said, that its just one single component of the entire equation.

    Those of you saying its important have certainly made some great points. I was really excited when the LC9 was announced, but just couldn't get over how it felt in my hand so never gave it a second thought. In contrast, a CZ75 doesn't really fill a need for me, but I still want one because they feel so great in the hand. So I've also used that as an important item.
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