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So what are you wearing to church this morning?

This is a discussion on So what are you wearing to church this morning? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When CONUS, it's usually my Kahr MK9 as my "church gun"...or if I'm feeling particularly daring, my P229 IWB with a suit jacket....

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Thread: So what are you wearing to church this morning?

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    When CONUS, it's usually my Kahr MK9 as my "church gun"...or if I'm feeling particularly daring, my P229 IWB with a suit jacket.
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    Legal in Colorado. Our preacher has a CCW and carries. We are a community church of 12,000. Many are armed. My wife carries a Glock 27 (40 S&W) and I a S&W 21 (44 special).
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    Our (Christian) church is very vocal in its support of Israel's right to exist. We've had "protesters" show up at church before; thankfully no trouble. However, we have a higher probability of attracting lunatics, anti-semites, and Islamo-wackos than your average church.

    As such, today I wore my Glock 30 and my Ruger LCR; a reload for each; and my usual prayer for an uneventful Sunday.
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    Since my church building is literally part of the elementary school, it's a moot point.
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    Glock 26 w/RDS in a bellyband under a tucked in dress shirt.

    Spare mag in pocket. Knife in other pocket.

    I'm also our church security director.

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    A spirit of worship and a 642 IWB. Carry in churches is OK in Indiana, but we have a Preschool on the premises that runs Monday through Thursday. An attorney on our board wrote a letter stating I'm part of the security team, which allows me to carry on-site. I'm on staff at the church.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minimalbrat View Post
    Maybe the question should be. Do you think we should be allowed to carry in church?

    In Ohio unless it is in writing you are allowed to carry in church you are on a very slippery legal slope if you do. We aren't allowed to carry in church here unless it is expressly stated and that better be in writing. Someone can tell you one thing and then if something happens say they didn't say it.

    I would purse carry the same gun I carry everywhere else.
    Fortunately in CO, CC in church is legal, unless the church happens to be held at a school. Then, in that case the normal laws pertaining to carrying in and around schools would then apply, which would prohibit it. I don't change up my normal rotation of EDC guns just because it's church. It's either an XDM 3.8 .45 or a Sig Compact 1911 RCS. That being said, I have to get something off my chest. And I may be preaching to the choir here, so if you don't want to listen to my rant, feel free to stop reading here. :)

    THE reason I CC in the first place is to protect myself and my family. If your state outlaws legal CC in church, why is anyone OK with that? They're essentially painting a huge flashing target on your church that says to any would be mass murderer, PRIME GUN-FREE TARGET!

    Maybe my thoughts on this are being influenced somewhat by where I live, which is just a couple miles from the theater in Aurora that was the scene of that terrible act of lunacy a little while ago. But THAT was also a gun-free zone. All that meant to the perp was that he most likely wouldn't encounter any armed resistance.

    In today's world, where churches (of all religions) are increasingly becoming the target of crackpots with mass murder on their minds, law abiding citizens should absolutely be able to legally CC in their place of worship. And if the laws in your state prohibit that, the laws need to be changed. Hopefully, it won't take a horrible incident in your neighborhood or in your church before people start to realize that this type of restriction on your right to legally carry shouldn't be allowed to stand.

    Sorry for the rant.

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    It's winter so I carried my full sized PX4 9mm in my White Hat holster. I know of at least 6 more members who carry including our worship leader who almost always has 2 guns on him. A LCP and a Bond Arms derringer. Gotta love Texas.
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    This is an interesting thread, especially since I'm attending a half-day seminar on church security this coming Tuesday morning. Will be interesting to see what the seminar offers in relation to thread comments here.
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    A Glock-36 in a Fist IWB holster...
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    The old S&W 60.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ksgunner View Post
    Guns are not allowed in church in Kansas so I will take my faith.
    Only if the church you attend is posted; they changed the law about a year after the law took effect. When the writters of the law got mad over the cities in the Northeast corner of the state posting every thing in site!

    When I am able to go I carry a PT111 usually iwb

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    Guns are not allowed in 2 places in Utah, Federal building and LDS churches. I wore a green shirt and blue pants.
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    An LCP in an Alabama Holster pocket holster. This is pretty much the only carry time my LCP gets..
    "We Dare Defend Our Rights", Alabama State Motto...

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