Para Carry 9 LDA Handgun - Experience, Thoughts?

Para Carry 9 LDA Handgun - Experience, Thoughts?

This is a discussion on Para Carry 9 LDA Handgun - Experience, Thoughts? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello everyone I'm considering a Para Carry 9 LDA handgun as another CCW. This is the mini 1911-style 9mm, 3" barrel, single stack 8+1, light ...

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Thread: Para Carry 9 LDA Handgun - Experience, Thoughts?

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    Para Carry 9 LDA Handgun - Experience, Thoughts?

    Hello everyone

    I'm considering a Para Carry 9 LDA handgun as another CCW. This is the mini 1911-style 9mm, 3" barrel, single stack 8+1, light double action trigger model made by Para Ordnance. There are some old posts in the forums, and online reviews have been mostly good but some negative. Is there anyone here who has experience with this weapon? If so, could you please share - thanks in advance. Here's a pic for those who haven't seen this handgun:

    ParaCarry9_port.jpg ParaCarry9_stbd.jpg
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    I have a PDA/LDA 9mm. The trigger is butter smooth. However, mine will only feed FMJ ball ammo. I've even sent it back to the factory for new sights (NIB sights were way off) and feed ramp polishing. Still won't feed hollow point or any +p ammo.

    Holsters: You have to get the generic 3" 1911.
    Magazines: Good Luck with that.

    I still have the gun, I'm not sure why...
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    I'm only speaking from the 100ish rounds i've put through one. I dont own one...just shot a buddy's.

    Trigger is excellent. I have a few Kahr's, which I love. It's the same sort of idea. If you dont like a Kahr trigger, you probably wont like these. I love the LDA though.

    Build quality seems awesome. The finish not so much. If you get one, get stainless. The other finishes wear quickly. It's got some heft (some like it, some dont).

    Like Gunny stated, they can be picky with JHP ammo. I only shot FMJ, so I cannot comment from experience, but I've heard they are picky. The FMJ was reliable.

    In a nutshell, I think they are good guns, but there are much better options out there, for quite a bit less money. IMO, save a few bucks and get a Kahr K9.

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    I've owned the Para Carry9 for about 5 years now. It is my preferred concealed carry. I've never put anything but my reloads or remington factory ammo thu it, but I have several hundred rounds thru the pistol and I've never had any issues.
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    I had a stainless model. I found the gun to be to heavy for all day carry. I think that there are better choices on the market that are lighter and have higher capacity. (Not to mention, better prices) I have had a problem with Para service in the past as well. Have owned several Para's over the more.
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    I bought one a couple of years ago and could not be happier.

    I have not had any ammo issues and CMI makes mags for it. I carry it a lot when home AIWB in a Galco J hook holster or a Galco Royal Guard.
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    my buddys 45 LDA was a jammomatic and needed to be sent for repairs
    and now it only jams once in a while

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    I bought a hardly-shot-at-all LDA in 45 a couple of years ago. I'd guess I have north of a couple hundred rounds through it. Maybe 300. No issues at all. Reloads, white box, SD loads....all of them feed. I'm pretty pleased with it. When I carry it, it goes in a Minotaur and I'm good for the day. Yeah, it's a bit heavy but a good rig fixes that. As had been mentioned the factory trigger is pretty sweet. In 45, this isn't a pinker. It's just not that comfortable to continue to shoot after a few magazines. In 9, I'd think that that wont be an issue.

    I'll admit that I hesitated a bit prior to buying given that Para has had their ups and downs. I'm glad I finally jumped on it. Good luck.
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    I recently bought a used TAC-4 . It feeds both JHP and FMJ very well. It has a smooth trigger pull and at present is more reliable than my new Para Expert 14-45. This TAC-4 is my new CCW. In all fairness to my Expert 14-45, it isn't having the FTFs as much since I have run about 200 rds thru it. Jon
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    Prior to my current Glock fascination, I carried a Para CCO in 45acp, 3.5in barrel and a 7rd mag. It is one accurate little gun, at least I am with it. It was picky on ammo as it never like wide mouth hollow points, I carried Hornady 200gr xtp's for a few years before the 230gr HST from federal came out. I still carry it once in a while as I have a custom leather holster for it. I probably have about 8-10k rounds through it since I bought it. One thing with Para, there customer service is sub par as are their magazines. I would recommend my Para CCO to anyone.

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    I don't have any experience with them so I won't blow smoke at ya but it is a nice looking pistol

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    The trigger is a unique (but pleasant) experience that takes some trigger-time getting used to. You can NOT feel the reset so I "short-stroked" it more than once & you will not be able to ride the sear if you're hurrying. Finally I decided that it was a unnecessarily complex device. Mostly because you almost NEVER hear of a trigger-issue with the more conventional 1911 variant. But there's NOTHING WRONG with Para Ordinance. Good Luck!
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