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Pocket carry gun recommendations.

This is a discussion on Pocket carry gun recommendations. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; MouseGuns.com . Handgun Database - Search @ Genitron.com -- Can sort by barrel length. Given that you feel the LC9 and PF9 are both too ...

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Thread: Pocket carry gun recommendations.

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    Handgun Database - Search @ Genitron.com -- Can sort by barrel length.

    Given that you feel the LC9 and PF9 are both too big ... While a new kid on the block, consider the Boberg XR9-S 9mm. The Kahr PM9 or CM9 might work. Also evaluate your pockets and pants, as to whether they're contributing to why the others are "too big."
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    I pocket carry the Sig P238 or the S&W 637 revolver. They both weigh about the same at one pound but the Sig prints less. I normally wear cargo shorts in the summer and the pockets are OK for either. In the winter, I wear a light jacket and carry in a cross draw holster. Of course, the holster is faster than pocket carry. I have thought about the Sig P938 but haven't gotten it. Like you I am still looking for the perfect gun. I like the idea of a manual safety in an automatic. The double action on the 637 is so long, it would be difficult to have a ND. Of course with the hammer back, it is a typical S&W light 3-4# trigger.
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    Pocket carry gun recommendations.

    I used to pocket carry an LCP. Great gun for that purpose. I now carry a Beretta Nano IWB, but depending on your pants, it's usually going to be a touch big for pocket carry. Love the gun, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilgrimshooter View Post
    It's not photoshopped: LaserLyte PB NAA

    I don't own it, I just think it looks cool. ;)
    Screw it. Since it is real I'm just going to get the gun you have in your avatar and just pocket carry that. If I run out of ammo I can just slash and stab my way out of trouble. LOL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fullmetal1911 View Post
    Screw it. Since it is real I'm just going to get the gun you have in your avatar and just pocket carry that. If I run out of ammo I can just slash and stab my way out of trouble. LOL.
    Just don't carry it in your front pocket.

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    I have a 642 and an LCP that both have pocket holsters. I can hide either real easy - when I am standing. BUT when I sit down, while the LCP is visible it just looks like a wallet. The 642 looks much more noticeable and is less comfortable. I would go with the LCP/238/bodyguard (auto) sized weapons.

    My personal CC cascade is G30(EDC), S&W Shield if I need to go a bit smaller then LCP if I need even smaller. I have other options, but these are the ones I prefer for CC.
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    Re: Pocket carry gun recommendations.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1 old 0311 View Post
    Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Stick with the classics................it's in my right pocket.

    I'm with you on this. Though OP asked about a semi, I personally prefer my Taurus M85 when I must pocket carry.

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    Dont know to much about the hellcat and the db9. But the kel-tecs and rugers have been around a while. I have the kel-tec p-32 and its been a great little pocket gun. Goes with me all the time.

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    A Walther PPK. Is this the best? No, probably not. But I can't help myself. I have had this thing since the early '80s. Shoots great, feels good, looks really cool. Sometimes it talks to me when I feel lonely and unloved. It gets jealous when I shoot other guns and will go weeks without saying anything to me. But then, we always make up and things are fine. I know, I need help. (Apart from pocket carry, I use a PPS as my EDC)
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    I've pocket carried a p3AT, with and without CT laser grips. I've also pocket carried a S&W J-frame (442), and a Lc9 Lasermax.

    If you feel something like an Lc9 is too big, a p3at or LCP would be a solid choice. The J-frame was a little too bulky around the cyl. for me for EDC in the pocket. Maybe its the pants I wear, or my build or IDK, but my Lc9 is more comfortable in the pocket than the 442.

    The p3AT and LCP both have pretty good track records, and are very popular mouse gun choices.

    If you decide to pocket carry either one-You may need more than 1 pocket holster. I actually had pants that the pockets were too big for my Uncle Mikes(Yeah yeah!) pocket holster, and the rig would move around too much.

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    I carry the LCP in a Desantis pocket holster when I'm not IWB carrying my Glock 27. Serves its purpose admirably, albeit a pain to play with at the range.

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    I have an lcp and a couple wallet/pocket holsters for it. however I carry it almost always IWB... I carry my G26 whenever my attire will allow, and when it wont I wear the lcp IWB... on a rare occasion I will cary in my Desantis cargo pocket holster, and I never carry in my front or hip pocket anymore, I realised it was just to hard for me to draw reliably and quickly from either pocket.

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    I wanted a 9MM pocket gun and also found the LC9 and the PF9 a little to big. I ended up purchasing a Kahr PM9 and put a Crimson Trace laser on it and carry it almost everywhere. I do have a couple of pants that the pocket is to tight and then I either IWB carry the PM9 or I carry my P3AT.
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    Given your choices.....

    I would opt for the LCP. I have one I have thousands of rounds through with nary a hitch. It is small enough it fits well in a front jeans pocket, or a rear with easy access and retrieval. With a little practice it's accuracy is rather impressive. I also carry a 642 for pocket carry and for whatever reason it seems to blend into my front pocket and is quite easy to access and draw. I prefer the 642 for more utilitarian purposes where the LCP can blend in far more easier in more social situations. The reason I keep mentioning ease of draw and retrieval is that I have a Kahr PM9 I would really like for pocket carry but something in the height and grip angle just does not allow me to draw it smoothly from my jeans pocket, therefore I will only carry it in a jacket pocket for now or a belted holster. If you can live with a .380 there is a lot to be said for the LCP. It just plain works.

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    I pocket carry the DB9 as my BUG. It's slim and light.

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