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Pocket carry gun recommendations.

This is a discussion on Pocket carry gun recommendations. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by lowercase Do you have any problems with the rubber grips being too wide and/or tacky? No, mine has CTC grips, which are ...

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Thread: Pocket carry gun recommendations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowercase View Post
    Do you have any problems with the rubber grips being too wide and/or tacky?
    No, mine has CTC grips, which are nice and compact, but still big enough to get a good firing grip when needed.

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    Pockets tend to contain lint and other debris. For that reason I favor my Smith 642 or Colt Agent revolvers. When absolute concealment in light clothing is required I sometimes carry a P3AT. I don't feel good about it. The mag release tends to get pushed inadvertently, and the .380 is substantially weaker than my .38 158gr LSWCHP carry load...and there's the potential of some bit of detritus jamming up the works.It easy to hide and virtually weightless though....

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    Whatever you end up with in your pocket, don't play with it in public. It might get you made. Or made to be something else.........

    Seriously, probably because of my Military experience, where for 90% of my duties, I was OC for all intensive purposes. I have never felt comfortable with pocket carry as opposed to OC holsters or plain up against the skin CC. I've used just about every version of an outside carry holster for the MEU SOC .45 or the 92 FP.

    So I'll never (personally/me) be comfortable with pants pocket carry (I just personally do not want to fumble for it 'there'). I can see where a vest or jacket version of this makes sense.

    For those of you used to wearing Gortex jackets, the big chest velcro pockets are perfect for large pistols or revolvers and extra mags. That makes sense to me since it mimics the muscle memory of drawing from a sholder holster.

    I'm learning from the treads here concerning pocket carry, but I'll really have to practice it to get comfortable with it, as opposed to an IWB or sholder rig.

    Guess it is time for me to learn something new.
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    A 642 rides in either a Mika or a Desantis Nemesis in my pocket all day, every day. For reasons stated previously, I like the revolver platform over a semiautomatic for pocket carry, and find the rounded shape of a wheelgun tends to hide better. FInally, I prefer. 38+p 135gr Gold Dots to .380acp.

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    If you are not stuck on a .380 or 9x19, you can look at the Kahr CM40. Its a pocket 40, the same size as the CM9.

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    Pocket carry gun recommendations.

    I'll add another Bodyguard. 380 recommendation, I just got one for my wife a couple weeks ago. She is getting her CPL on Dec. 1st so in the meantime I've been pocket carrying it when I don't feel like wearing my M&P 40c. And I can tell you this little gun is VERY comfortable for pocket carry. It does NOT get any better quality than this for the money ($399). The BG380 has a TON of awesome features like the slide locks after the last shot (great for the range), if the gun has a misfire just pull the trigger again there is no need to pull the slide, stainless steel slide and barrel with black melonite finish, highly concealable, lightweight, and surprisingly accurate, and of course the lifetime warranty from S&W. I can't say enough good things about this little .380 acp we couldn't be any happier with this purchase.

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    Recently purchased a KelTec PF9. Shot it today for the first time. After getting used to the long DAO trigger pull, was able to consistently hit the bullseye or next ring on target from 25 feet. For the money ($270), it is a bargain and makes a good choice for pocket concealed carry due to it's small size.
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