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This is a discussion on House Gun. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would really just get a glock 22/23 and put night sights on it and a light on it and have it purely for HD ...

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Thread: House Gun.

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    I would really just get a glock 22/23 and put night sights on it and a light on it and have it purely for HD to go with your 27. It would make things simple.
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    My HD pistol is a .357 revolver but the primary HD gun is an M1 carbine (actually a pair of them).
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    Quote Originally Posted by lowercase View Post
    I prefer a revolver for my HD weapon, in my case, a S&W Model 10 police trade-in from Bud's.

    Not glamorous, but works like a champ, and is the only gun my wife is comfortable shooting. That's why it made the cut.

    I have an awesome shotgun (Mossberg 590a1), but it is in the safe unloaded. Give me my trusty old Model 10.

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    I did exactly the same thing. However, I keep my Remington 1100 loaded and handy. My model 10 is also from Bud's. Great gun and shoots very well.

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    My CCW (CZ-75) is also my night stand gun and my old trusty 20 inch 1897 is also leaning against the head of the bed. Loaded with slugs no buckshot. I don't believe in mixiing loads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TXTIGR View Post
    Thanks guys.The Wife does not like Shotguns or Rifles and does not want to train with them.she will shoot/train with a handgun.This is mainly for times if I am not home etc.We live in a two story town home so that comes into play.BTW I carry a Glock 27 gen 4 daily.
    Like your wife, I just don't feel comfortable using long guns. We do have an AR-15 and 12 gauge, which I have the ability to use, but cant' find the motivation to train with them. I love, love, love my handguns. They're my constant companions, train with them frequently, and they fit in my nightstand safe (young kids at home here). If handguns are what your wife likes, then by all means, get her a handgun. The lack of training and confidence in rifles/shotguns will negate any advantage it would have over a pistol. Not to mention that 9mm will be much less expensive for practice. More ammo=more training.

    I wouldn't worry about possible over-penetration. As others have pointed out, this of course is a possibility (perhaps over-exaggerated) with any caliber/gauge/platform. However, well-placed shots with whatever someone trains well with will minimize this possibility. I say, run with what ya got; love it, learn it, train with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lchamp View Post
    I'm planning on getting a Walther PPQ for my home defense gun. Right now, I have an OLD S&W "highway trooper" revolver and a Sig P239 loaded for home defense. Wife told me to wait until "after Christmas" before I buy the PPQ.
    That must be an extremely rare revolver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donp326 View Post
    My CCW (CZ-75) is also my night stand gun and my old trusty 20 inch 1897 is also leaning against the head of the bed. Loaded with slugs no buckshot. I don't believe in mixiing loads.
    Slugs for inside-the-home defense? I hope you have no neighbors nearby, or that your walls are made of thick stone. Otherwise, you have chosen the load with the most overpenetration risk.
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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    Don't know the size of your house, the throw of your rooms and hallways, or the lay of the land of the turf your defending but..................

    Mine would be a Five-Tier defense system.

    My suggestion would be: First-Line of defense a dog or two to alert. Second-Line a cordless phone to call LEO. Third-Line a 12g packed with 00b. Forth-Line a G19 with a light and night sights.

    OH and my Fifth-Line is........hoping I never having to find myself in the position of having to implement my Third and Forth lines of defense.


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    Get her a no muss no fuss full size revolver.

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    I've of the opinion (agreeing with folks MUCH wiser than me) that the only purpose a handgun serves is to fight your way to your rifle or shotgun. But if your wife has her heels dug-in about this, why not let her try a pistol caliber...carbine? The Beretta Storm or Kel-Tec Sub 2000 come to mind.
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    OR possibly a nice S&W model 5906.
    Lots of rounds in a very safe SOLID pistol.
    For less than the SD will run you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TXTIGR View Post
    What do you guys think about the S&W SD 9/40 VE.I want to get a Home defense pistol and these seem to be pretty good and at a good price.
    I would not hesitate to buy the Smith & Wesson Self Defense pistols for home defense. I handled one a while ago and while the trigger
    is a bit heavy, the gun felt really nice in the hand. I own several M&P's or I would definitely spend the money on one today, especially
    as they are priced in the $300 range now. Smith & Wesson reliability for around $300?? I say go for it.
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    your "house" gun should be your best gun,your most reliable and saftest
    For myself I choose a mossberg 500 under the bed and a G23 bedside the bed,all have lights and sight mods
    for night time dancing

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    Has your wife ever went shooting?
    I would take her to a range that rents handguns and try a few to see what she likes and can shoot well.
    Many good suggestions here. Here's one more. Ruger P95 9mm Blue, w Rail 15 round $305.00 SHIPS FREE
    If I couldn't afford a higher tier handgun this is what I would look at real hard. For example, I'd really like to get a HK P30 9mm, but if the White House gets it's way I probably will be picking this one up instead, if I can afford one at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder71 View Post
    Common misconception... a handgun and shotgun both have the potential to over penetrate more than a home defense .223 round. If that's your reasoning you may want to reconsider your thought process.
    A .45 ACP hollowpoint out of a 3" barrel versus a long barrel rifle that will drop a deer from 200 yards....I'll leave the experiment to you to conduct, but shooting inside of a home with I'll take my chances with a handgun round.
    Know Guns, Know Safety, Know Peace.
    No Guns, No Safety, No Peace.

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