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Thread: Ruger "billboard" question

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    Ruger "billboard" question

    When did Ruger start putting that huge billboard warning on their guns?

    Specifically, is it on the 1976 "200th Year of American Liberty" guns?

    There's a Speed Six on AuctionArms that I'm thinking about bidding on, but I can't tell from the pics if it's a billboard gun.
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    At least back to 1987ish that's when I bought my Mini-14 and it had it.

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    Not on the '76 "200th Year" model.
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    not on the 76 ive ever seen wonder if say one had barrel replaced would it have it one it

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    I am not sure what you are talking about. can you post a photo?
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    The "billboard" that is being referred to is an engraving on the firearm that simply says read the users manual, understand and follow safety precautions, and so on.

    The older guns did not have the placard, and Ruger lost favor by a lot of gun owners for doing this just as Smith and Wesson did by putting the lock on their guns, especially their revolvers.

    Some collectors won't buy a "billboard" gun, thus lessening their monetary value.

    I don't know right off when they started putting the warning on the guns, but I remember first seeing them in the early 90's when all the gun control crap started hitting the fan. Just another way for Ruger to CYA. Just like the tags on a hairdryer that says don't use while sleeping or bathing.

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    It started sometime during the late 70's or early 80's. I know, I bought my first Ruger back about 1974 or 75, (actually, my mother bought it for me, I wasn't 21 yet.) and it didn't have the "billboard." But the next Ruger I bought (about 1980) did, though I can't figure out how they fit all that stuff on 2.75" barrel!

    So far as I know, it's been on all their firearms ever since. It don't bother me if Ruger wants to put it there. I don't read the manuals anyway.

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    Ruger is a bit of a oxymoron. A gun company that verges on being anti-gun. I don't mind the warning on the barrel so much, but I sure get irritated every time I read their company logo, "Arms maker for responsible sportsmen", or something to that effect. What if you’re not a sportmen??(smile) Oh well, I'm still very fond of my New Model Bearcat.
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    This reminds me that I need to go vote. When I can figure out how I will submit a request to add a question for share holders to answer. Something to the effect of: "Drop the excessive inscription/writing/billboard from firearms sold to the public at large."

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    When my Sp101 comes back from Gemini Custom, it will look like this...of course, I will have to remember myself to refer to the owners manual....

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    IIRC my std Redhawk which I used back in early 80's for long range (300 and 100) was free of all superfluous text 'junk'!

    This pic doesn't of course show that either way but it's nostalgia from back in 1984 probably. No socks and sandals that day LOL!

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