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Sig 22 conversion or Ruger SR22

This is a discussion on Sig 22 conversion or Ruger SR22 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by rammerjammer I'd go with the SR22 or some other 22 pistol and not deal with conversion kits. Like Thunder71 wrote, 22LR is ...

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Thread: Sig 22 conversion or Ruger SR22

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    Quote Originally Posted by rammerjammer View Post
    I'd go with the SR22 or some other 22 pistol and not deal with conversion kits. Like Thunder71 wrote, 22LR is a dirty round and I'd rather contain the mess.
    Well I just clean my guns after everytime I shoot em. A clean gun is a clean gun. Slipping on a conversion kit isn't a problem to me.

    And ya ghost tracker is right, once you make the investment it pays off.
    I can spend $20 on a box of 550 rnds of 22lr that gives me about two/three hour long range trips to shoot as much ammo as I want. If I take 100 rnds of 9mm it cost a little over $20 and is gone way quicker than an hour and is definitely only one range trip. So if you spend $350 on 9mm you get a couple of range trips but then your back at having to spend $20 on 100 rnds for less than an hour of trigger time.

    Put it this way -
    $20 = 550 rnds 22lr = 550 trigger pulls
    $20 = 100 rnds 9mm = 100 trigger pulls

    After you spend the money on a conversion kit/ 22lr pistol, $20 of 22lr gives you as much range time/trigger time as you can get for $20.
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    The .22LR conversion kit was next on my shopping list for my P229 Elite. I'm glad to see others discussing the topic because it should be good information. I definitely agree that getting either a .22LR conversion kit or a dedicated .22LR pistol is worth the investment! I haven't done enough shopping yet, but at roughly $240 for the conversion kit for the P229, it would take approximately 1100 rounds of .22LR and the savings in ammo will have paid for the kit. The difference, as pointed out above, is that you will have MUCH more range time and experience with a pistol in your hand. I'm just waiting for room in my budget.

    Does anyone have experience with the .22LR conversion kit for the Sig Sauer P229 who can talk about the reliability of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost tracker View Post
    Completely disagree with your math. Once you have the .22 pistol, your ammo budget goes 10X as far. Trigger time is trigger time, caliber IS NOT as important as round count.

    I say get the ,22 pistol.
    It is something you won't regret doing.
    I have a Ruger .22lr single action conversion(to .22 mag).
    I am thinking of getting an SR in the future when funds permit.
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    Yeah you guys put it a good way wasn't thinking long-term. Thanks!

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    They are great feeling little guns, I bought one this afternoon ... extra grips, three magazines, adjustable sights........ it's very easy to rack the slide so I think the wife will like that allot

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    IMO, get the separate 22 gun. If it was out at the time I probably would have gone for the SR22, but I bought a 22/45 and love it.

    The other benefit to having this is that it's a great introductory weapon for people that you're introducing to firearms. Minimal recoil and you can give them 100 rounds to play with for $5 and not worry about it. Once they're comfortable with the 22, pass over something bigger.

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