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Thread: Looking @ .22s

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    You should look at the Ruger SR22. It's a great gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blitzburgh View Post
    I've heard nothing but good things about the Mark3, I just think its absolutely hideous. Anybody else with experiences regarding the Walther or Heritage revolvers? Heritage isn't a brand I'm familiar with at all.
    Well then, please allow me to be the first to tell you something bad about the Mark III. Many Ruger owners will tell you that the Mk III can be a bear to reassemble after you have disassembled it and cleaned it. Some people say that even after tearing one apart many times, they still have trouble getting it back together.

    Other than it being tricky to reassemble, the MK III gets great reviews and is one of the standards in the world of .22 pistols.

    I want one, I'm just not sure on what flavor I want it in. I'm tempted to get a bare-bones blued model but I have always wanted a stainless bull barrel. Now, the Hunter model seems to be catching my attention.

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    Don't have a lot of experience with newer .22's, but I've had a Ruger Mark II for 30+ years. It has suffered terrible abuse - spent several days underwater at one point. I cleaned the rust off as best I could, lubed it, and it runs fine. Bluing doesn't look so hot anymore .

    But it's as reliable as any .22 auto I know of, and it's still the most accurate pistol I've ever had, of any kind. It'll pop beer cans all day long at 100 yards. I'd buy a Mark III in a heartbeat.


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    Quote Originally Posted by blitzburgh View Post
    I've heard nothing but good things about the Mark3, I just think its absolutely hideous. Anybody else with experiences regarding the Walther or Heritage revolvers? Heritage isn't a brand I'm familiar with at all.
    I own the Ruger Mark III target model, and my hubby's got the Walther P22. I've shot them both, and the Ruger wins, hands down. I think it's way better looking than the Walther, though (eye of the beholder), built like a tank, and I'm far more accurate with it than the Walther. The two cost about the same (I paid $359 for mine), but the Ruger will certainly outlive the Walther (and probably myself, too).

    I have no experience with revolvers, but a .22 Heritage (SA, right?) would make for some great cowboy fun, too.

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    I have a Beretta NEOS 22 LR and it is a son of a gun to clean. I went to the range once and after cleaning it I put it in my safe where it has been for the last 10 months. I Do not like it and will never use it again.

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    I have a S&W 22A, and I'm still pleased with it after 1000's of rounds of mostly bulk Federal & Winchester. It is NOT picky when it comes to ammo.

    The grip is fairly large, which is a plus if you have big hands. It's not too big, though; I've taught a few youngsters how to shoot with it and none had issues with the grip size.

    When I first held the gun at the LGS, I was concerned about the placement of the mag release. It's located at the front of the grip, and it seemed like it would be easy to drop a mag at the wrong time. Turns out, no one has ever inadvertently pressed the button because it's recessed enough to be out of the way when gripping the gun tightly.

    Also, I paid $249 + tax for mine, so if you decide on the 22A shop around some more.

    Good luck with your purchase.

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    I have a Neos. Love it. Shoots great, full sight rail, cleans easy. I don't know what the guy above meant about hard to clean- it's easy. He must have never had to reassemble a Ruger. The Ruger is great besides assembly. The Buckmark requires an Allen wrench to take apart for cleaning. No way. Only my opinion of course, but I have owned all 3 and am keeping the Neos. It reminds me of a High Standard.

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    I have the Ruger Mark II and the 22/45. Both are great, reliable and shoot anything I put in them. I find them to be a bear to field strip and clean.

    Heritage Rough Riders are pretty good little revolvers. Revolvers will shoot darn near anything you can put in them. I have two of the Heritage revolvers - a 4" barrel and a 3" Bird's Head. I paid about $189 for each of them and they come with a 22Magnum cylinder. I like them a lot, especially the Bird's Head.

    I also have two Bersa Thunder 22's. Love these things. They are picky about ammo and I find they shoot the CCI Mini-Mag and the Remington Golden bullet. The Bersa are comfortable, reliable (with the Mini-Mag or Golden) and pretty accurate for $279.

    My wife has the Ruger Bearcat. It's a tiny revolver compared to the Heritage and she likes it a lot but it's about $450.

    I got a Taurus PT-22 (tip up barrel semi auto). This has about a 2" barrel and it's a fun gun to shoot. Several friends have used it, liked it and gotten one of their own. It's simple to break down and clean.

    22s are a lot of fun. They are a great gun to get the kids involved in the shooting sports.
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    I like my P22.
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    Walther .22 is a good gun.
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    After going through a small bunch, I'm down to 2 pistols in 22LR -- S&W's M&P22 and Ruger's SR22.

    Both are great guns, great fun, great accuracy, etc. The SR22 is in the holster more than occasionally and will probably be the wife's EDC until I can get her used to something with a little more recoil behind it. The M&P feels just like the 9 (again, with hardly any recoil) and is a fantastic instinct shooter.

    Granted - if I could only keep one, it'd be the SR22 for it's easy carry ability. Decocker, thumb safety, okay to dry fire - Nothing to complain about there.
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    Love my Marl III, just hate cleaning it.

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    Get the NEOS. It is the easiest 22 pistol to clean and is very accurate.

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    Browning Buckmark for me has been a wonder22

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    While it's a more expensive choice, I went with a Ruger SP101 in 22LR. I had it to the range for the first time last Wednesday and found that the only downside is that the cylinder is hard to close when it heats up. I put ~250 rounds through it in an hour.

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