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Thread: Best LGS comment

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    My LGS is like that. It is pretty new and the FFL is a young guy trying to make a good business out if it. I have bought a few guns from him and he and the staff are all glad to sell me something or just hang out. His business model is to have a B&M store but also do a lot of on-line sales. From what I can tell, he is doing pretty well. I hope he is as I really like the guys there.
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    The thing I hate to hear is; " hey did you see what we just got in? "

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    You're very fortunate to have a LGS like that. Some places are filled with grumpy old men with horrible dispositions. If they don't even want to take the time to wait on you long enough to make a sale, can you imagine the time they are going to want to devote to you if you encounter a problem and require assistance? With all of the gun shops that are around today, there's no reason to hand your money over to people that don't want to be bothered by you.

    Be sure to take care of your LGS and I'm sure they'll be there to take care of you.

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    My LGS is like that. And it's more or less a home garage with wall to wall guns. More inventory than any big store ive seen. Theyve beent here for 70 years

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    My LGS guy is awesome, remembers everything I've ever bought, asks how it shoots, or if my holster is comfortable abd every time I walk in the door he automatically grabs 2 boxes of 124 grain 9mm ammo because he knows that's what I'm going to buy. He's a great guy. but the owner of the one I go to for the range ( only range within an hour drive ) is a complete jerk.if I ask more than 1 question or try to have a conversation with him he gets all ticked off and walks into the back. If there was another range I would never go back.

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    It's always good to have an LGS where the staff/owner doesn't treat customers like some sort of nuisance, with an attitude like "You want to exchange money with for goods and/or services? Where the hell do you get off?!?!?" or regale you with conspiracy theories or firearms-related urban-legends style ancedotes they swear are true. Fortunately I have a couple of gun shops with welcoming and knowledgable staff. The best thing I ever heard at one of these stores wwas a few years ago when I was told they'd gotten a used 80s vintage Charter Arms .38 in and knowing I was interested in such things the owner, who I'd established a rapport with gave me a great deal on it.

    The "best" comment I ever heard in a shop in the unintentionally amusing category was a stringy guy telling his girlfriend, in what I guess he thought was a sage and wise tone, that the Colt 1911 had been developed during the Vietnam War because the Viet Cong were all high on heroin whatever the Army was using before then took forever to put them down and thus the pistol was developed that was powerful enough to take them down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sioux565 View Post
    ...While there one day, I heard probably the dumbest comment ever. I was inquiring if they had any .38 Super ammo in stock and some guy browsing the displays said, "Isn't 38 Super and 38 Special the same?" All of us looked at the guy and gave him a very definitive "NO".
    That doesn't even rate an "honorable mention" for a "dumb comment". I'd be willing to bet that 90+% of the general public have no idea there's a difference between .38 Special and .38 Super. Heck, most have probably never heard of a .38 Super. They're not dumb - just not gun enthusiasts.

    Dumb comments?:

    "An AK47 can fire AR15 ammo, but the AR can't shoot the 7.62x39 AK ammo. The Russians designed it that way so that they could use captured ammo, but we couldn't."

    "The .22LR is one of the most effective SD rounds, 'cause the bullet will bounce around inside the body and do far more damage than a bullet that goes right through."

    "There have been cases where a 5.56 from an M16 hit a guy in the knee, and followed the bones right up through his body - Came out the top of his head."

    "A burst of .50 BMG from a P-51 or P-47 could turn a Panzer tank over on it's side."

    I could go on all night recounting some of the B.S. I've heard...


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    Cool regulars make the job FUN. There are at least 20 guys who drop in at my work for no reason. They spend money occasionally, and make me laugh frequently. Great guys & ladies. I love my job because of them.

    One of them randomly dropped off a new Bell & Carlson Medalist (adjustable) stock for a Rem 700 short action, just because he thought I'd want it. That blew me away.

    People are awesome.

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    I prefer .38 Super Special myself.

    You laugh but as of now there are upteen handloaders out there trying to work it up.

    BTW I claim rights to the name.

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    Nice story. I prefer to deal with the LGS versus the "Big Guys", i.e. Cabellas, Gander Mountain, Academy Sports, etc... I've found I pay a little more for each purchase, but I'm generally dealing with knowledgeable people, not a guy that could be working in garden supplies today, and pet supplies tomorrow.

    I can't tell you how many times I've been "that guy" in those stores when some well meaning (giving him the benefit of the doubt) sales guy is feeding a prospective gun purchaser a line of bull, who butts in and takes over the conversation. I'll particularly interrupt when it's an elderly couple or woman trying to buy her first gun, or buying a gun for her husband. These big box guys generally don't have a clue, but they pretend they do, and it infuriates me. I know, I need to relax. LOL For instance, when the frail elderly couple is looking at handguns, for home protection, and the sales guy is pushing a heavy semi-auto on them, with decocking levers, etc, and when the couple handles it, they can hardly hold the weapon up. It's just stupid IMHO.

    In your LGS you'll get opinions, but at least they almost always can defend their opinion when challenged. Ya'll be safe.
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