Simple Poll...Revolver or SemiAuto

Simple Poll...Revolver or SemiAuto

This is a discussion on Simple Poll...Revolver or SemiAuto within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As a CCW instructor, I was just curious about the number of people carrying revolvers versus semi-automatics. I figure the best place to start is ...

View Poll Results: What is your primary carry choice?

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  • Revolver

    47 17.47%
  • Semi-Automatic

    174 64.68%
  • Both get equal time in my carry rotation

    48 17.84%
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Thread: Simple Poll...Revolver or SemiAuto

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    Simple Poll...Revolver or SemiAuto

    As a CCW instructor, I was just curious about the number of people carrying revolvers versus semi-automatics. I figure the best place to start is here at Defensive Carry. So which is it for you?
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    Simple Poll...Revolver or SemiAuto


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    W. Washington Kitsap CO.
    Semi auto for my CC, but I do enjoy my .357 revolver at the range
    My EDC G27 gen. 4
    Favorite range gun G23 gen. 3

    NRA Life Member

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    M&P9c most of the time, but also have an LCR for pocket carry when the weather or dress code requires it.

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    I can't really answer, as it depends on the circumstances.

    My own personal experience has led me to the revolver (LCR) when the situation calls for small, light weight, and discreet...with a micro semi auto (LCP) as a BUG.

    When I don't need to be as concerned about discretion, then it's a semi auto (Glock 30)...with the revolver (LCR) as a BUG.
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    All my carry guns are autos. I just like autos better for some reason. But I used to carry a model 85 taurus. And did that carry nice. I wouldnt hesitate to carry another wheelgun if I had it. But the autos are my cup o tea right now. Stay safe.

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    M&P compact.357sig, Kel Tec P11 & summertime around the house might find me with a 442 apendix carry in shorts or swim suit.
    .357 revolver up N. in the woods.
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    Used to be 100% revolver until the flashmob idiocy of the last year or so, figured 5 rds might not be quite enough. Switched to Glock 9's and recently to a SIG 40 and haven't looked back.
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    99% of the time my EDC and BUG are auto loaders and the 1% is a revolver just for a change.
    US Army 1953-1977

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    All my current handguns are semis. But I wouldn't hesitate to pocket a 442/642 if one were to appear in my inventory.
    Retired USAF E-8. Official forum curmudgeon.
    Lighten up and enjoy life because:
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    Wow... I can't believe I was the first wheel gun vote! Anyway... My primary EDC is a LCR in .38. I have a G26 that I told myself I would carry in "higher threat situations" but in the six or so months since I have been EDCing the LCR I have only carried the G26. And that high threat situation turned out to be utterly hilarious but better safe then sorry.
    -It is a seriously scary thought that there are subsets of American society that think being intellectual is a BAD thing...

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    J frame in right front pocket or snubby k frame appendix IWB.
    I will rarely post, but will read (and hopefully learn) a lot

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    I prefer revolvers for carry though I do semis that get the nod once in awhile.
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    Nashville, Tn
    Only have semi-auto's so far. Really need to get a wheel gun, prob a sp101. But not gonna be for CC.
    The stupidity of some people NEVER ceases to amaze me.

    G19 AIWB

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