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First Gun to be Glock 19, what deals offers did you make?

This is a discussion on First Gun to be Glock 19, what deals offers did you make? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Excellent choice for a first gun. That's a fair enough price - just pay them. You may be buying guns from them again later. You'll ...

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Thread: First Gun to be Glock 19, what deals offers did you make?

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    Excellent choice for a first gun.

    That's a fair enough price - just pay them. You may be buying guns from them again later.

    You'll want to stock up on magazines - probably for both the 17 and you 19. 5 is a good start - 10 is "enough".....but you can never really have enough magazines.

    For cleaning - you'll want some solvent, some oil, an all purpose cleaning brush, maybe a bore snake, a rod, a brass/copper bore brush, some patches....I'm sure there are threads you can read on what you'll need to clean your gun. You'll figure it out. Don't soak it in oil - keep the bore dry-looking, not wet. If you use solvent, use oil afterwards (to prevent corrosion). You could probably go thousands of rounds without "needing" to clean it - but lots of us like to keep our guns clean just as a general rule.



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    That's a really good price. Gen 3 Glocks are $549 + tax and transfer pretty much everyplace around here. My friend picked up a 17 today. It works just fine right out of the box. Put a patch through it first, then 200 rounds of WWB and 40 rounds of 124g Gold Dot. Then we cleaned it. It's good to go.

    My 19 was the same when I bought it in 2005. Flawless right out of the box. My 26 from 2 years ago, flawless right out of the box. My 36 purchased unfired from a collection but made the first year of production, flawless out of the box. In fact I don't personally know anyone that's had anything but flawless out of the box with a Glock. There have been some documented teething problems with the early G4s, but from what I can find out, that's been fixed.

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    Because it will ruin him for any other gun!
    Quote Originally Posted by sioux565 View Post
    What is wrong with a Glock being someone's first gun?
    "...a rifle behind every blade of grass."

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    only for 475?? i wish i can get a NIB G19 for that price. Here, it's in the mid 500's to high 500's.

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    Sounds like a good deal. A friend bought one here in NY and it was $579

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    I got mine early this year for $439.00 ( NIB Gen 3 ) as the inventory went down on the Gen 3 they went to $399 for all of the gen 3 execpt the 45ACP
    I could not see spending more for the Gen 4

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    You're getting a great gun and a good deal. I won't tell you I paid $225 for my Glock 27... but now that I own it, have shot a few hundred rounds through it, and it is #11 in my collection, Glocks are great. Not sexy, but great. Enjoy and save for ammo, you'll want to shoot it. A lot.
    And the guy I bought mine from shot it for years and never cleaned it. I shot it, then cleaned it. Works perfectly. Every time.


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    That's a real deal. Gen3 G19s are $499 around here with Gen4s being a little more, $530ish. Considering the Gen 4 comes with an extra magazine, the price balances itself out. You're getting a great gun for your first gun, IMO.


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    In WV mine was 550, but all guns are higher than average in this area. I bought mine in October and I had a few FTE/stove pipes in the first 150 rounds. After that it has been flawless with any ammo I fed it. The 19 was also my first handgun and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's simple to shoot and clean, that way you know the basics of how a gun works without a bunch of extra pieces laying around. That's my 2 cents at least. But what do I know

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