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This is a discussion on 1911 shopping within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'll vouch for Colt, Para Ordinance and Springfield Armory. If you can rent, borrow or cajole other owners try some of the different barrel lengths ...

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Thread: 1911 shopping

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    I'll vouch for Colt, Para Ordinance and Springfield Armory. If you can rent, borrow or cajole other owners try some of the different barrel lengths and models. I ended up selling my Para because I decided I didn't like double stack grips. I've also found I like 4" Commander length pistols the best hence my Colt Commander. My Springfield Micro Compact is quickly earning a softspot in my heart as well.
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    I've never had a problem with my Springfield GI.

    I just read about the new Dan Wesson, But that's about a grand.
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    I have 4, all by different manufacturers, (Springfield, Kimber, Dan Wesson and Smith & Wesson) and my experience is that, they are all great but far and away, my Smith and Wesson Scandium is the superior. It is my daily carry gun. That said, the new Taurus PT1911 is really drawing my interest. I think my next purchase will be a taurus PT1911.
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    Qwn a SA Mil-spec and have NEVER had a problem with it. To me that says it all. Bac
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    Para-Ordinace is worth a look. I have one of their SSP (single stack, full sized) 1911s. Also thier customer service is excelent.


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    I have a Springer mil spec pistol which runs great, However I just bought the Taurus PT1911 and Ill tell you what, for the money its been a great gun so far. I have about 500 rounds through it and not a one malfunction so far....Id say look in to Taurus, with the money you spend on a Kimber you could possibly have 2 guns! Something to think about

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    +1 for Smith&Wesson.

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    By far, dollar for dollar, the winner is the S&W 1911SC. But, this is just my personal opinion.
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    I currently own a Kimber Stainless II. In the past I had a stainless Colt 1991A1. I am (was) very happy with them both but the fit and finish on the Kimber is superior.

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    Its like buying a car, drive all you can before you buy.

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    Dan Wesson would me my choice. Check 'em out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GlockinItUp View Post
    I'd try the new Taurus, if you can find one. My gunshop sells them within 5 minutes after they unpack them. I've heard nothing but good things about them, and the price is right for what you get.
    First check out the new Shooting Illustrated, there is a good
    eval. Only question for me is the 7 lb trigger. If that can be fixed easy
    it looks like a good option.

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