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Why Glock?

This is a discussion on Why Glock? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm a fanboy. But what I like about the gun is that even though they were not the first polymer pistol, they caught some of ...

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Thread: Why Glock?

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    I'm a fanboy. But what I like about the gun is that even though they were not the first polymer pistol, they caught some of the older firearms makers asleep.

    While Smith and Wesson was content to keep pedaling it's guns that were basically copies of the Walther design, Glock was thinking out of the box.

    They made a reliable and rugged gun, at an affordable price, that is easy to maintain, and had an original idea.

    They forced the other makers to try harder, and the competition they created in the handgun world benefited everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevew View Post
    My number one complaint about Glocks. The way they name the different models.
    Example G22, G23 and G27.
    I would prefer G40, G40 Compact, G40 Sub Compact. Tell me it doesn't make more sense.
    Tell that to Sig Sauer!
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    We ALL benefit greatly in this country by having such an amazingly diverse array of handguns to choose from and discover what we like and shoot best.

    The GLOCK is a welcome addition that multitudes of people love. Like every handgun ever made it will not be for everybody.

    The answer...if you don't like the GLOCK.....is: "Don't Buy One And Shop Around For Something Else."

    And if you buy a GLOCK and you like it ~ then practice with it and carry it faithfully so that you will have it with you should you ever need it.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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    I've had quite a few guns that were prettier. Had some that were beautiful pieces of manufacturing and engineering. K frame Smith and Wesson revolvers and 1911s come quickly to mind. And I loved them all. But I carry Glocks. Why? Cause they can take a ton of abuse and work every time I pull the trigger. I've never had a failure in almost 5 years of using them.

    The question I asked myself was : If the SHTF what gun do I grab. I got my answer. You gotta figure out yours. And there is no wrong answer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nframe357 View Post
    My, my we are really guzzling the koolaid aren't we, I never said they were "lesser" einstein, now did I, all I said was they are not the end all be all like geniuses like you think they are,period. Just cause daddy likes his doesn't mean you can't make up your own mind, calm down, geez.
    Okay Johnny Ringo, I'm your huckleberry. Is it impossible for you to voice a contrasting GLOCK opinion without the additional sarcastic, sardonic; "einstein", "now did I", "geniuses", "daddy", etc., commentary? IMHO, if you're gonna' debate someone by so clearly baiting their intellectual prowess, I suggest that you first hone your own grammatical & writing skills until they are at least as sharp...as your tongue.

    I EDC GLOCK handguns only after a l-o-n-g personal tradition of making fun of them! They are the current benchmark against which all modern service pistols are compared. Folks once compared their automobiles to Rolls Royce, now Mercedes Benz gets the "big chair" even though Audi & BMW currently make excellent options. Someday technology & design will put another handgun as the market-share that all other manufacturers admire. But, right now, that spot belongs to GLOCK. And, in a capitalistic model, top spot isn't ever anointed. It is always earned.
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    Re: Why Glock?

    Plain & simple, they work & work well. I've got about 3k through my gen 3 17 without a single problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad426 View Post
    This is coming from someone who doesn't own a single Glock, so I am certainly no fanboy:

    Glocks are possibly the best value out there. They are uber reliable weapons and they can be had for much less money than a lot of the other top-tier guns. You can get a brand new Glock in the $500 range where Sigs, H&K, Walther, Kimber et al cost significantly more.

    I am one of those "They just don't fit my hand well" guys, but I have a lot of respect for the Glock line.
    What he wrote. Glocks don't fit my hands well but they are good guns.

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    "Why Glock?" has been pretty well answered.

    As for the "they don't fit my hand well" objection that we hear over and over...meh. My wife is 5'1" tall, and has small hands. She can shoot my Glock 19 like nobody's business. So unless some of you guys have hands smaller than a petite little woman...maybe you should stop complaining so much.

    I'm also speaking from personal experience here. When I was shopping for a duty .45, I did NOT just automatically "get another Glock." I looked at the competition. Studied the specs. Talked to people. Tried them at the gun counter. What I found was that - to this day - no other maker can touch Glock in terms of firepower/capacity vs weight. Nobody. After all these years to catch up.

    I got a Glock 30. Did it "feel" thicker than my other guns? Yup, sure did. Did it bother me at the gun counter? A little. Bought it anyway. Know what? Now that I've had it for a while, and have shot it a bunch...I love this pistol. 10 rounds of .45 in a compact-enough package that weighs as little as it does...and shoots so well? What's not to like?

    Point is that for some folks, Glocks "feel" different - and they just will not allow themselves the opportunity to get over that. Which is too bad - because Glocks are great pistols.

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    While I don't care for Glocks, it has nothing to do with how they feel or how they point. Humans are adaptable. Besides, a full-sized Glock doesn't feel so different from a Luger to point and shoot. One could do a lot worse.

    Hmmm... come to think of it the trigger isn't all that different either. The Glock could be said to have longer version of the famous spongy Luger trigger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nframe357 View Post
    You know how many I own now? 0, zip, why you ask? Simple, I finally found the handgun that was designed for my hand, Glocks are very uncomfy for my hand, I don't like the grip angle at all.
    This is consistently the most-typed knock on Glock on the internet...and that's fine. It also just so happens to be the exact reason I chose a Glock 26 for my first pistol. I think the grip angle on Glocks is awesome.
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    It is tough

    It is lighter than many other options

    It goes bang every time (for me anyway)

    And, if it doesn't go bang, it is so ugly, the BG will shield his face in horror (leaving him open for a sucker punch).
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    They're good guns. I am no fanboy of Glocks (SIGs, well, that's another matter), but I recognize them for what they are: good, solid, reliable guns. Make no mistake, they take some getting used to. But a 19 is the fastest gun I've ever shot. I like my 31 and 32 as well. As I said, they are good guns, but no more magical than anything else.

    Agree with the fanboy comments, except that I disagree with the statement that the fanboys hate on other guns. To do that would imply that there was another handgun maker whose product was comparable to Glock. We all know that simply cannot be.


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    They're boring, everybody has them. You're not original for owning them and they're not likely to get "ooo's and ahhh's" at the range. But they work. And they work well. And that's what they were made for. Functionality and practicality. Yeah those Wilson Combat's and Nighthawk's are nice fancy guns. I would love to own one at some point. But I'll "use" a Glock over almost any pistol any day. M&P's are a close second.

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    I have wondered this many times myself. First of all, I think it's a generational thing. Many of the new shooters are X or Y, or maybe didn't grow up in the hunting or firearms culture. They want a no-nonsense tool that works every time, isn't too high-priced, and is simple. The Glock fits that bill. They often do not tend to have the same emotional affection for the allure of firearms and craftsmanship. And....they know how to use a computer, and tend to promulgate the Glock attributes across the web at a high frequency. I am somewhat amazed at the fact that so many conceal Glocks, as I find them incredibly difficult to conceal well, and comfortably....but they are very popular. I also think the newer crowd tends to find some slight facination with "tactical" military or police style guns, that may account for some popularity too.

    Glock has certainly done a very good job at advertising and purveying their reputation, and the whole deal of offering such killer deals to law enforcement, has been a goldmine for them in the long run.

    I love my Glocks for what they are. I'm not attracted to them the way I am other firearms, but I respect and admire the fact that they run and shoot so well. I compare them to boots. I have my "good" boots, and then I have my ole tough work boots that I wear when I go to work.

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    I used to hate Glocks, I thought that they looked and felt like bricks. I liked my 1911's...three Kimbers that worked flawlessly.
    I took a better look in the Glock case one day and spotted the Glock-36. I liked the .45 and the grip on the '36' caught me by surprise.

    Time passed and I took a point shooting course using both the Kimbers and my Glock-36. I got to liking the Glock a lot.

    Wanting to know a bit more about Glock, I went to GA and took the Glock Armorer's Course. This gave me a more basic understanding/appreciation for the weapon. Learning about the history, simplicity, dependability of Glock really made me a believer.

    Over the next year or two, I ended up selling all three of my Kimbers and I now have five Glocks...2-9mm's, and 3-.45's.

    Yep, I'm sold on Glock, and I grateful that not everyone likes them...it keeps the price down.
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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