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Sixto ditches the 228!?

This is a discussion on Sixto ditches the 228!? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by glockman10mm No matter what is designed, you can't please everyone. Whether it's the grip, sights , trigger or whatever, someone, somewhere will ...

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Thread: Sixto ditches the 228!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    No matter what is designed, you can't please everyone. Whether it's the grip, sights , trigger or whatever, someone, somewhere will complain and belly ache.

    Unlike the days when you picked something like a Distinguished Combat Magnum and learned how to use it.

    Shooters today have it sooo easy :)
    I know right... Stupid technology!

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    If I were to buy a new auto it's be a CZ-75 compact, but if I were to go polymer it's be a M&P

    Of course my next handgun will probably be another S&W .357 magnum
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    Originally Posted by Rollo

    I'll buy you the Taurus of your choosing if you agree to carry it for one year.

    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Do I have to give it back? I'd like something with the faux gold and pearl.

    ^^^^I'd have thought Rollo^^^^^^

    would have made the offer of a S&W Revolver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doodle View Post
    I know right... Stupid technology!
    Right! Takes the fun and skill out of everything! :)
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    Well, I'm a bit late to the party here but I would have guessed a custom Thompson Center in 375 H&H decked out with all of the BBQ day necessities. What else would one need besides a chiropractor?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    OK, here it goes...

    I've been using the 228 as my main gun (carry, HD etc) for years now. So much so, I've purchased several as I ran across them at good prices over the years. I have a lot of 228 stuff. I've stuck to one gun though, leaving the others moth balled or occasionally selling for an obscene profit or to friends in need.

    My main 228 has been rebuilt 4 times already, and is in need of number 5. This time it needs sights too, possibly a rebarrel. (doubt it, but it is getting close) My magazines are worn, they need new springs too. This all adds up to a tidy sum. So I started looking. In the middle of all this, I get sent off to an armorers class I didn't particularly want to go too, but I went, as any knowledge is good knowledge. I started playing and tinkering... looking and figuring. Ergonomics are pretty spot on with this pistol. The class was boring, so I entertained myself and found ways to fix things I didn't like. Most of the things I didn't like in the very beginning of this guns history were already fixed from the factory. Gone was the two piece striker assembly. Gone was the cheesy plastic spring retention... hmm... this can be a nice pistol after all.

    So, I signed one out of the armory and off to the range I went. It had been a while since I fooled with one on the range. It was 2005 actually. I was involved in some of the initial testing before a major purchase was made. I had a lot of concerns about the some of the ticky tack structural and material choices. But again, most have been corrected. Those that are not, the aftermarket has done so. Anyway, time to shoot. Trigger still sucks compared to my trusty Sig, but thats OK, I know how to fix that. Ergo's are spot on, balance is near perfect, and low, low bore axis. Groups are quick and tight, and I scored really well, better than I had in a long time, in the shoot house. Dang...

    Went back to the office and called up the factory rep. Now I have a demo to do what I please with. Time to play. And play I did. Shoot, tear down, put back together, shoot some more, etc, etc. I've found that I actually like shooting this gun more than my Sig now. I can buy magazines for nearly half what Sig mags cost. Parts and cheaper too. Dang nabbit...

    Sixto went to M&P.
    A few months of not being active here and the whole little DC world as I know it is turned on its ear. I researched and bought a sweet NIB P228 off a little dealer who forogt he had it a few years ago because of your high praise, it is one of my favorite guns to shoot, and is the favorite of almost anybody who shoots it. No you tell me all of that is shattered? Ill be in my corner in the fetal position rocking...
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    Sixto, we all have to make changes from time to time. When my 228 was in a condition similar to yours I moved on as well. Though I find myself wishing I'd done as you had done. If I would have had one in mothballs the answer would have been to change to a new pistol and carry on. Since I didn't have that advantage and the fact that 228s were getting more and more difficult to find in good condition I made the jump. I miss the 228. Its replacement is capable and runs flawlessly but it just isn't the same.
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    This just in from SIXTO's 228 "I didn't care much from him anyway"
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    Ok, I'm not completely ditching the 228, so don't worry. I just want a new gun and platform to play with.
    Speaking of, a nice little brown box from Brownells just showed up. On to stage one of the m&p project. New sights and some odds and ends for a trigger job. (And some more mags )
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