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Small 9mm or .380?

This is a discussion on Small 9mm or .380? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I own both the Kel Tec PF9 and the Kimber Solo. They are similar in size, and only a bit larger than the Ruger LCP. ...

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Thread: Small 9mm or .380?

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    I own both the Kel Tec PF9 and the Kimber Solo. They are similar in size, and only a bit larger than the Ruger LCP. I have not have ANY problems with either of them.
    The PF9 is DAO and has a long trigger pull. The Solo is SA and has a sweet trigger. Either of these would be a good "small nine"....
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    Hindsight being 20/20, I would go with a 9mm. I've got two .380s, a Sig P-232 and a Walther PPK/S. Both are fine guns but they don't have the stopping power of a 9mm Luger and never will.
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    Op, why is IWB carry out for you? Plenty of people carry IWB with tucked shirts
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    Shield 9 would be tough to beat, if you can find one.

    I'm not a bit afraid to carry a 380. But that's just me. I desperately want a SIG 938 (9mm), but due to a certain event that occured on November 6th, everything is just about impossible to find, much less buy. Having a time trying to find a 238 (380) as well. Either would be an exceptional pocket gun.

    Cannot speak for Kahrs or Rugers. Have heard the p380 can be hit or miss for reliability, but cannot say first hand.

    May want to try a j frame. Revolvers in general and snubbies in particular take a bit more work to master, but those who can run 'em swear by 'em.

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    The LC9 hits my hand like an airweight J-frame. Get a Shield, PPS, or Nano; much more comfortable shooters.
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    Good luck.

    I have an LCP which I pocket carry with ease in tighter jeans, either front or rear. I also have a PM9 which I have tried to pocket carry and it just does not quite work. Feels like a VHS tape in my front pocket and removal is rough at best in Levis. I have several snubbies which I also pocket carry which seem to work out quite well. If your committed to a bottom feeder the small LCP has a lot going for it, or a similar small .380. A j-frame has a lot going for them in these situations also and just seem to meld better than an auto. Good luck in your decisions.
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    I have only limited experience shooting the LCP(my sons) and a Sig P938. I actually find that the P938 is much more comfortable to shoot than the LCP. Plus that Sig has honest, real night sights. I did also handle the Kimber Solo and liked it alot. I could'of gotten used to the trigger on the Solo, which wasn't bad, but the night sights on the Sig did me in. Guess I'm just an old 1911 fan in anycase. Anyone of these could be carried in my pocket, but I normally carry the 938 in an IWB holster. Get a good, tuckable version and you can tuck your shirt in without any problems.
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    I got a Kel-Tec P11 intending it as my carry gun. It is too thick and heavy for the way I like to carry most of the time, so picked up a Taurus TCP .380. I chose it over the Ruger LCP for the slide lock, better trigger, and $100 cheaper. So far it has worked flawlessly... takes a bit of practice to get used to the tiny size. If I had to do over, I think I'd get a PF9. Not much larger/heaver than the TCP, and I feel more confident with 9mm. I've never shot one, but would expect it would have quite a slap. Even the P11 is not a fun gun to shoot because of the recoil. TCP is much milder than I expected for such a light and tiny gun.

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    LC9.........very accurate at 21 feet and will shoot all hollow points.. i wouldnt shoot +p on a daily basic with it, but it does handle them fine...trigger takes a little getting use to but its not too bad.


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    I'll throw out two guns I own, use, and carry; the Ruger LCP, and Kahr CM9. Both have been reliable, and both are easy to conceal. The LCP is my 'gym shorts' gun, and the CM9 is my 'when I'd rather have a 9mm but can't carry my G26' gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mulle46 View Post
    Op, why is IWB carry out for you? Plenty of people carry IWB with tucked shirts
    Because the IWB holster I have leaves the grip above the belt and it leaves a large bulge in my waistline = might as well open carry

    If you have any ideas on a holster that will ride lower I'd be open to the idea. However, the next obstacle is access. A lot of my pockets don't allow very quick retrieval of my M&P40 compact even with the flush mag. Getting access from below the belt I can see being problematic. I'd rather have my bulge in my pocket than along my waistline. My pockets bulge all the time anyway, so not much new there.

    Which that is how I practice at the range - the flush mag because that is the configuration I carry it in, even though I have the full 15 round mag and X-grip (makes the compact an even better shooter - if you have a compact get one!) The flush mag is the only one I would pocket carry the .40 with, the extended mags (pinky extension or full 15r/x-grip) just make the gun that much taller. The 15 round mag would be good as a re-load, but not on the gun for carry. What I hate about changing up configurations is muscle memory - if I am tuned in to one set up and change it I loose some of the muscle memory that I got tuned in to. That makes it hard practicing on .22's and trying to dial in .40's

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    If you can stand the recoil, I would suggest the Diamondback DB9 which weighs 15 ounces loaded 6+1 and is just about the same size as the LCP and only .80 inches thick. God Bless

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    Quote Originally Posted by sioux565 View Post
    My recommendation is the Ruger LCP. It shoots .380 ammunition and has a 7 round capacity. It is truly a pocket pistol. I was completely against pocket carrying until I actually tried it and this gun works perfect for that role. You can find them for roughly $300-$350 depending on where you go. That would leave you with enough extra money to get a decent pocket holster and lots of ammunition to practice
    Excellent advice in my opinion. I've had 2 LCPs and carried/shot them for years. Zero malfunctions after hundreds of rounds down range. The easiest firearm to conceal that I've ever owned, period.

    As godawgs82 suggested, you may want to consider the Kimber Solo. I pocket carry mine every day. They are amazingly accurate for a small gun.

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    Some suggestions...

    Ruger LCP - will fit in any men's pocket. Load it with FMJ, preferably flat points, and be happy.

    Ruger LCR - dead nuts reliable, but may not fit in some pockets. That is easily solved by having the pocket deepened by a tailor.

    My personal experience with pocket 9 pistols has been poor. I'm much happier with a .38 revolver.

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    Ruger LC9 and/or LCP own both I have no problem carrying the LCP when it fits my needs . Side by side

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