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Well, I think I am going to pull the trigger on the 642. Now, what holster should I get for it? I like the Aholster Pocket. thoughts?
Good choice in my view. I'd be willing to gun fight with a Model 642 and would regret it if, in the event of need, I had to jump into the fray with nothing more than a runt .380.

That pocket holster looks pretty good. It's shape would appear to aid in breaking up the handgun/holster outline within the pocket. If it stays put to allow a fluid draw then it would be a winner.

I have some De Santis Nemesis holsters for a small .380 and for small revolvers. They've served for 5-6 years now and have proved to be suitable. If the front pants pocket is cut skimpy (or I've about grown out of those particular pants) then the holstered automatic appears more obvious in the pants pocket in my opinion when I observe it in the mirror than does the revolver which appears as an indistinguishable lump. A Colt Detective Special, carried in a pocket has seen quite a bit of use, in recent years.