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This is a discussion on SP 101 "Club" within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife liked mine so much, I had to buy her one too (I was too selfish to just give her mine). That was around ...

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Thread: SP 101 "Club"

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    My wife liked mine so much, I had to buy her one too (I was too selfish to just give her mine). That was around 20 years ago. You're gonna love that gun.
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    Yip, Great choice! Have the 3 inch model, accurate, tough & reliable!

    The .357 magnum round dosen't get the fanfare it once did but the fact is it just blows away most of todays semi-auto rounds

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    It's one fine chunk of steel you're getting yourself into there. And no, you won't regret it at all.
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    Re: SP 101 "Club"

    The SP101 Club

    It's been done before

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    You will be very happy with the sp101. I have several Rugers and they are all great. A while back I tried to get a sp101 357mag 3" but after 6 months waiting I went with a m&p360 scandium 357 in 3" that I found in a pawn shop. It doesn't even appear to be used. My guess is that the orriginal owner was not up for the recoil of a 357 in a 14oz revolver :) I love the light weight but I still find myself wanting the sp101 or maybe a 3" GP100.
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    I haven't decided yet on my next handgun purchase but I may get another Ruger revolver, since the wife claimed the sp 101 as hers. Lol
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    I'll be one to say that I found the SP-101s too heavy for pocket carry and some belt carry as well.

    The LCR is much smoother and has a far better trigger IF you have a DAO SP-101 or shoot a SP in DA only.

    Having the ability to cock the hammer for single action shots and the basic tank like design are real factors when people
    buy the SPs.

    I've had both the DAO and standard 3 inch versions.

    Much prefer the standard.

    That said:

    There is Nothing wrong with the SP-101 other than it's a bit heavier than a LCR or J-frame.

    Plenty of people buy them and love them dearly.
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    Thumbs up

    I used to carry one years ago as a back up when I was hunting. Great for snakes (with shot) and coyotes, mountain lions, etc. Handy to have when you need to make a nature call, too. You just can't have your long gun or bow with you all the time. And I sleep well with it under my pillow in the tent, too.

    Lately I just finished a custom one up for a customer. I think I'm in love again...

    SP 101 "Club"-sp101-.jpgSP 101 "Club"-sp101-b.jpgSP 101 "Club"-sp101-c.jpgSP 101 "Club"-sp101-d.jpg
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    I came across an unfired 3" model
    in the used gun case a few weeks ago. It came home with me........

    Haven't shot it yet, but I do admire it enough to have ordered a Ryan Grizzle holster to fit it.

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    The Ruger SP101 357 is one great revolver. It was the first weapon I got and I still enjoy shooting it at the range. Not only does it shoot great but it looks beautiful in stainless steel. You will not regret owning or shooting it.

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    I'm going to have to get my 3 inch out of the safe. This thread reminded me how much I like mine. I have been carrying a Colt Agent but 5 rounds of 357 is formidable.

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    SP 101 "Club"-photo.jpgSP 101 "Club"-photo.jpgSP 101 "Club"-photo.jpg
    click image to enlarge....

    Built to handle the .357 loads.

    I like the 125 grain Gold Dots or Golden Sabers for SD.

    The Pachmayr grips help to tame the recoil and the Big Dot front sight helps these old eyes get on target.

    Carries well AIWB in a Side Guard Quick Clip holster.


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    Same question here..I have a chance at picking one up today for $420. 3", .357, LNIB, hogue's.. good deal for a barely used sp101?
    EDC: M&P 9*2


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    Quote Originally Posted by DandLfam View Post
    Same question here..I have a chance at picking one up today for $420. 3", .357, LNIB, hogue's.. good deal for a barely used sp101?
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    I carry a .357mag because no one bickers about the .357mag being "enough".

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