I owned a custom shop Kimber RCP II along the lines of Coltman77's Colt Agent. Trench sights are excellent for contact distance fights, but after much trial on the range I found that past a certain distance impact variances existed even with identical sight picture. There is just too much play in point of aim and point of impact. Since I couldn't predict what type of fight I would be in I found the trench sights to be a liability and reluctantly let the gun go for something else.

Although I feel you sacrifice some measure of reliability when you shorten JMB's design beyond a certain point, there are reliable micro 1911's out there. Just not as many reliable Officer/shorter 1911's as there are Govt. and Commander 1911. My RCP II went through many, many boxes with zero malfunctions.

On my frame a micro 1911 is harder to conceil than a commander or Govt. I carry IWB so the barrel length doesn't matter, but the shorter guns lean away from my body, where a Govt. Model's barrel presses into my hip and thigh and holds it's longer grip/frame close by my side. A micro leans out, exposing the grip slightly more so when I carry a 1911 I carry a Colt Combat Elite full size.