My first carry gun is a taurus 85SS that I carried for 20 years. The trigger group had all the sides radiused and what poishing i could do when new. Had a great trigger and never had any down time. After I retired it I changed the hammer spring only so my girls could shoot it. Wolf RP spring ended up giveing it a slick 2lb SA pull and 4 1/2lb DA trigger pull and still very reliable today several thousand rounds later over the last 6 years.

Today you could buy a custom shop SW and it may have some major flaws too. You have to know what your doing with many labels today and still hope it works well. I bought a taurus TCP 380 as itallways reviewed better than other micro 380s for only when when something smaller was needed but my youngest daughter claimed it as her CC and then my wife bought her self one also. I polished the slide for her and painted the sights. Both are very reliable and trouble free. A step above other micro 380s for sure.

Still, any firearm you buy better be proofed before depending on it. Shoot it and if you havean issue change ammo then the shooter before calling the manufactor. I have bought several handguns from the owners that said was unreliable and they shot great fof me.

Also if you can reassemble a kahr you most be a young'n and just not a gun person. Maybe compaired to a glock there tough I guess.