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What should I get?

This is a discussion on What should I get? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you're gonna look at the G26, then you might as well add the Smith & Wesson M&P 9C to your list. Great gun....

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Thread: What should I get?

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    If you're gonna look at the G26, then you might as well add the Smith & Wesson M&P 9C to your list. Great gun.

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    Thanks for the recommendation. What's the difference between it and the Shield?

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    Shield Glock26 S&W 442





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    I'd prefer Glock 19 or M&P9C. I've used both in their .40 cal versions & I'd rate them about equal. I've found that the M&P seems to have a bit less perceived recoil probably due to the lower bore axis. Both are easy to conceal & still a fairly good size. I'm not into the sub-compact models but I'd consider the Shield if they were more available. I've never shot a Glock sub-compact so I won't comment on them. From everyone I've talked to they're fine guns.

    The choice between a Glock & an M&P was determined by me by the deal I could get. I got a pretty good deal on an M&P40C & it comes with 3 mags & night sights for $455. My son has my Glock 23 which I loved but can't seem to get the best price on them & no LE/Military discounts. The catch is S&W production speed. I may have to wait up to 3 months as of 2 weeks ago for shipment. As I'm already armed it's no big deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJC7 View Post
    Thanks for the recommendation. What's the difference between it and the Shield?
    M&P has better ergonomics for most people.
    As far as quality and reliability they are equal.
    As far as price...pretty much equal.

    Both are great choices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJC7 View Post
    Specifically, I've seen very mixed feelings on the P-250, but fairly consistent praise for the others. Has SIG gotten past the P-250 issues and have any of the others suffered from anything?
    I carry a P250 SC chambered in 9mm, I absolutely love it. As far as reliability, I've put 300 rounds through mine without any issues, I trust it. Most people get hung up about the trigger, it's DAO,the trigger is very long, smooth and consistent. It took some time getting used to it, but it has made me a better shooter with better trigger control. Both my dad and friend shot it, they both visibly flinched anticipating the shot, they carry a glock and px4 storm.

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    I'm 5'7 and I carry a Ruger SR9c in a Whitehat IWB holster....carry it all day and can't even tell its there. You need to go to a place like Cabelas and spend some time trying fit in your hand and how it basically feels, then rent the one you like at a range.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJC7 View Post
    I've read a few times in different places that the length of the grip can be just as important (if not more so) than the thickness. Any idea how the PPS compares to the G26? I would imagine the PPS is longer (taller?) but by how much?
    One of the beautiful things about carrying a PPS is you can tailor grip height to your day. Three different magazines change capacity and grip from a subcompact feel up to a duty length grip (but still ridiculously thin). I've taken to loading the mid size mag and carrying the large for a mag reload.

    Other advantages are 1) the mag release- impossible for your holster to accidentally drop a mag, 2) accuracy- top notch for such a short barrel.

    You mentioned the CZ Rami. Stay with the steel frame. Avoid the polymer frame. I also carry a CZ compact (not a RAMI). CZ is a great gun.

    The M&P compact is my favorite double stack polymer pistol.
    Have you considered the XDS .45ACP?

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    Glock 26, hands-down. I've owned and shot nearly a dozen Glocks and many other semi-autos and revolvers and have settled on the Gen 4 Model 26 as my only handgun. Get yourself a Glock combat/sport holster, heat up the belt loops and bend them to fit your carry side, then loop a good 1-1/2" belt over the holster from behind and you are good to go, with any of the double stack 9mm Glock magazines for a reload. Many of us pray for the day Glock actually makes a 9mm single stack that's about 4 ounces lighter and a bit thinner, but until then, they have truly created perfection with this gun in my opinion.

    Best of luck in your decision.
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