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looking for first carry revolver

This is a discussion on looking for first carry revolver within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Welcome from Virginia. I vote for the Ruger SP101 also....

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Thread: looking for first carry revolver

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    Welcome from Virginia. I vote for the Ruger SP101 also.
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    FWIW I did a bunch of research on this using actual books from the library (imagine that!) before buying my first gun. I concluded that the S&W centennial was my first choice, but then I found reports of the frame cracking online, so I went to my second choice, the SP101 with the 2.25" barrel and spurless hammer. I'd prefer an enclosed hammer but spurless is the next best thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBSR View Post
    Welcome from the MS Gulf Coast. I too like the little Ruger LCR, and most of the Smith & Wesson J-Frame's. Most of the little guys can handle +P rounds, as long as it's not a steady diet. With the .357 you can get lots of practice with the lighter .38 rounds, and a few with the .357 or +P for familiarization, and then carry the hotter loads as your carry load. You'll get significantly more recoil/muzzle flip from the hotter rounds, but in a critical incident, you'll probably not notice it. Good night sights, or crimson trace grips and you're good to go.

    Another revolver (not so little though) that I really like is the Taurus Judge, using 45 LC and .410 shotgun rounds. If you are big enough (in stature) to carry this little baby, I'd recommend you consider it. What a potent combination that is.

    Again welcome & be safe.

    Thanks everyone for the recommendations.. wow 2 pages already and I just posted when I was climbing in to bed!

    I quoted this message in particular to ask about the S&W Governor as well. My brother whom carries a Ruger SR9c, said those guns are way to large to carry.. last night we were at the range, and he was able to conceal a XDM 5.25 range gun in his ruger's holster. (He was showing a friend of ours whom was a new gun owner how to conceal a weapon and such and that width means more than length)

    Cause I have looked at those guns(the judge and governor) and they are considerations of mine.

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    Revolvers have always been my favorite. Working in Gun Shops for over Ten years I have shot, carried and owned many semi-autos and owned over 20, 357 Revolvers. For the last few years I have been carrying the LCR357 as a Pocket Back Up and a SP101 DAO as my Strong Side Carry. They handle Self Defense 357 Ammo very well and both Guns fit me. With so many choices out there you need to find what fits you and what you can shoot comfortably and accurately so you will enjoy practicing. I switch off now and then but, this pare is the easiest for me to carry and shoot well. Also the same Speed Loaders will carry Reloads for each Gun.

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    I'm normally carrying a Glock, but on some days, like today, I have my Ruger SP101 on me.
    It's a great revolver and built like a tank. I like the ability to shoot both .38 and .357.
    This is a gun that you'll never wear out.OMOYMV
    I put a front night sight on it for point shooting in dim light.
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    Smith and Wesson 638 with shrouded hammer. Has both SA and DA. It is "Airweight" so it is very light, shoots 38 special and Plus P.

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    Very few factory revolvers come with night sights. The Ruger LCR has a model with a front XS night sight. Otherwise, the Pro Series S&W Model 60, 640, and 632 all have night sights.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SamRudolph View Post
    Very few factory revolvers come with night sights. The Ruger LCR has a model with a front XS night sight. Otherwise, the Pro Series S&W Model 60, 640, and 632 all have night sights.
    Many of the factory revolvers are unable to even have night sights installed without a fair amount of gunsmithing. Make sure you look into that if you buy one without sights on it.
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    LCR all the way
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    looking for first carry revolver

    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm not a fan of practicing with .38's in a .357, and then carrying .357. Go to the range and shoot both and see if your accuracy stays the same between the two. I'm a fan of practicing with what you carry.

    My carry snubby is an S&W 637. It's lightweight, it's designed for what I carry in it (no gap jump, which you'll get shooting .38 from a .357) and I have faith in good ol' .38 spl. 158gr lead semi-wadcutter makes for very effective carry round.
    Gap jump?

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