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Lefty Conceal Carry Advice

This is a discussion on Lefty Conceal Carry Advice within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Get one with an ambi-safety or no safety like the Glock or Sig....

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Thread: Lefty Conceal Carry Advice

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    Get one with an ambi-safety or no safety like the Glock or Sig.

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    Agreed. Ambi safety or no safety. That's why I like revolvers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wondering View Post
    Many Thanks to you all for your great advice.

    I have a Model 96 Beretta now and have found that I do actually use my trigger/middle finger on my left hand to engage the mag release so maybe I should keep it as is on my CCW pistol.

    As far as the safety goes, my intent in bringing up my toddler was the possibility that she may walk or hug me on my carry side and I want to lower my chances of an AD. I would always keep the weapon locked up when not carried.

    The loaded chamber is more of an OCD thing, so it sounds like I should get over that.

    I looked at the Kimber Solo but had heard of issues with the MIM parts within their guns causing trouble over time, so I've tried to avoid them.

    I will take a look at the Beretta PX4 and the Ruger SR9 and another look at the full size S&W M&P's. I was very impressed with its feel in my hand. I just need to recheck the size to see if it would be a feasible carry gun for me.

    Thanks again all of you its very refreshing to have an open forum like this. Thanks for your help.
    If you are using a well designed holster, it should not be an issue since the trigger will be protected. I carry an S&W 3953 which is a DAO. The longer/heavier trigger pulls of DAO guns protect agains ND without the need for an actual safety.
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    Re: Lefty Conceal Carry Advice

    First, please don't rub it in on the poor folks who aren't left handed.

    I have a Sig P250. It is DAO so no safety involved. You have to pull the trigger all the way. No hammer pull or accidently snag Second the P250 has a reversible magazine release so you can adjust it to either left or right. P250 come in three sizes - full, compact and subcompact. They also come in 9mm, 40S&W, 357Sig, and 45ACP.

    And I have to agree the Crossbreed is one of the better holsters.

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    haha, man I was starting to think I was the only lefty out there. I went thru the same thing - it's funny to hear we all go thru it.

    I first went with an m&p40c and I immediately put the mag release on the right side. I quickly realized it is much better on the left side, I use my middle finger and I can do it just as fast. And, more than once I accidentally hit the mag release while it was on the right side by accident, now I don't have to worry about that as much.

    I then picked up an LCP & the only safety on that is the trigger, but to me that is plenty.

    I then went with an LC9 that has a manual safety on the left side, I just practice flipping it off as I draw, I've gotten fast enough that it doesn't affect my draw at all. As I'm grabbing it from the holster I just pop it off with my thumb, I ride motorcycles a lot and I can do it with gloves on no problem.

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    Lefty here. I'm new to concealed carry but I'm no stranger to firearms and I have learned a lot of things about carrying "right-handed" guns - mostly that I hate safety levers. When I worked armed security I had the option of carrying the issued Glock or I could buy my own. I hated how the Glock felt in my hand so I bought a Springfield XD40 and it was my absolute favorite. I grew up shooting my old man's 1911 and I still like shooting them but the XD is still my choice. Not having the need to sweep a manual safety, yet having a grip AND trigger safety, in my mind makes the gun about as safe as anything out there. Safe in the sense the gun can't fire unless you've got a good grip on it, and safe in the sense you don't have to think about a safety lever when things go badly. I also found it easy to manipulate the slide release with my trigger finger, and the mag release is ambi, but I can manipulate that with my middle finger more easily than I can my thumb.

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