My 4th Glock followed me home today.

My 4th Glock followed me home today.

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Thread: My 4th Glock followed me home today.

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    My 4th Glock followed me home today.

    I already had Glock 19, 26, and 36 Gen 3 pistols. All were reliable as gravity right out of the box.

    I was in my favorite LGS looking at a pinned barrel S&W 4" .38 that was like new. Beautiful gun, but I had no "Job" for it, much as it got my pulse rate up, it was just going to sit in the safe. I handed it back, took one last look at the display case and spotted a nice new Gen 3 17. Two 17 round magazines. Stock sights. Your basic Glock 17. I was planning to buy to use for IDPA anyway. So I asked to see it. While I was looking at it, someone called in and since the owner was standing right in front of me I got to hear him tell the caller, "I will have one Glock 17 if the guy looking at it doesn't buy it .... none if he does. ....... No, I won't have any more for a while. .... Don't know how long unfortunately, the 6 distributors I deal with are all out as of last Tuesday. .... All the hi-cap pistols. You can get anything that holds 10 rounds or less easily enough except Shields or XDs's."

    I interrupted him to say, "Brian, you don't have any Glock 17's for sale."

    He grinned at me, gave me a thumbs up and told the guy on the phone, "He's going to buy it. I'm out of 9mm Glocks. I have two 22's and two 23's, but that's it." Apparently the caller didn't want a .40 so that was that. From there to the end of the transaction was about an hour, 30 minutes of which were spent trying to get something other than a busy signal on the call-in line.

    My nephew's wife is one of the girls that answers the call in line in Harrisberg. We saw her yesterday. She said it's been insane at work since the election, and now it's even worse. One of the things she's noticed is how many women are buying guns for the first time. She says, she doesn't have statistics, but based on her gut feel, it's more than at any time in the 9 years she's been doing that.

    But, I digress. It all went smoothly. I brought it through the door; my wife put the Christmas movie she was watching on pause, and got up asking, "Whatcha get?" She liked it. She especialy likes that she can rack the slide back and that it has a full size grip. She has tiny hands but she likes the grip on the 19 and 17 much better than the 26. After it passed muster with her, she offered to gift wrap it and stick it under the tree for me. I told her that would be fine, but I want to open the one she got me first. That got me a 500 watt grin. She's a Christmas person. Gets all excited. She has an XDs that will be waiting under the tree for me.

    All in all, a very good day.

    Merry and Safe Christmas Folks. A happy and safe new year to all.

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    Grats. I can't stop wanting to buy or buying another Glock. I alway think it is just one more, but I guess I want them all. The new slimmer framed Glocks have my wife looking at a full size Glock in 40 (she was not a Glock fan prior). I use .357 Sig, but if she goes with glock in 40 I'll change up to 40. Make it the hosehold caliber, and hide, store extra mags around the house for SHTF SD options.

    People also ask me why I think Glock is the best, and it is always hard to answer why I have so many Glocks, because I don't think they are the best. Simply for the price and function, hard to beat a Glock. I always tell them Glocks are the 2nd best. I don't know what the best one (handgun) is, but I know if there is one, Glock is at least 2nd.
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