Reflex/Holographic Sight for my Glock!

Reflex/Holographic Sight for my Glock!

This is a discussion on Reflex/Holographic Sight for my Glock! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As the title states, I'm looking for information on a reflex/holographic sight for my Glock 23. Does anyone know where I can find information on ...

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Thread: Reflex/Holographic Sight for my Glock!

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    Reflex/Holographic Sight for my Glock!

    As the title states, I'm looking for information on a reflex/holographic sight for my Glock 23. Does anyone know where I can find information on this from? I'm thinking I want to retain some kind of a rear sight, but I want the other 'optic' for shooting as well. I want to play with and 'trick out' my Glock and I'm thinking of starting with the sight. It shoots fine now, so I'm not looking for an action job. I tend to like gadgets, so that's what I'm looking for.
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    Bowie Tactical Concepts Pictures Page
    This is where mine, shown in my avatar was done.
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    Check One Source Tactical.
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    I can't vouch for it, but maybe someone can.
    JP - JPoint® Micro-Electronic Reflex Sight
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    Bowie has perfected the set up IMO, it's spendy, but done right.
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    They can be put on M&P pistols as well. Haven't found anybody putting them on XD's, but maybe they can be put on there as well.

    Been thinking about doing something like this to the Glock 17 which is the designated home defense gun.

    What I think I want is a Glock 17 with a Trijicon RMR02 reflex sight and Ameriglo Supressor style sights. Supressor sights are much taller than stock sights so one can sight over the big can on the front. They also, serendipitously, will align with the reflex sight to provide a Back Up Iron Sight (AKA BUIS).

    I'd use the RMR02 sight which has automatic brightness and is always on. the only external controls it has are the elevation and windage adjustments. No need to remember to switch it on under adrenaline influence when the SHTF. If that ever happens, I want the gun ready to go. The sight uses a 2032 battery. They are available at the grocery store. Battery life is advertised as 17,000 hours 'under normal use', what ever that is. Replace it once a year (8,760 hours in a year) and one is good to go. The only slight bummer is the sight has to be removed to replace the battery which is accessed from the bottom. Not really a problem, but not exactly push pull click click either.

    There is all sorts of discussion about whether to mount the rear sight behind or in front of the Reflex sight. The rational, for the iron sight behind the reflex sight, that makes sense to me is that it makes learning to use the reflex sight easier because one just goes for the iron sight and there is the dot. For me, after thinking about it, it's a no-brainer. I'd put the rear sight right in the stock groove with the RMR ahead of it.

    I spent some time in an effort to get enough data to decide if I could do it myself (I have a BP clone milling machine and a lathe I use for chambering rifle barrels, and am competant with both). After doing some research, the answer is a definite 'yes'. That said, there are a number of places that perform this service - one that's highly recommended will cut the slide for $145.00. If I had 3 or 4 to do, doing it myself would be a no=-brainer. I'd get set up and crank them out. Probably take two days of jig making, set up and trial runs, then another day to do 2 to 5 or 6.
    There are a number of businesses that do the work. They have packages from just milling to whole guns with supressor threaded barrels. Everybody loves the guy that did theirs.

    A guy that gets consistantly good recommendations for doing the milling is Mark Housel who is now at L&M Precision Gunworks, LLC in Prescott, AZ ( . Click on 'Services'. They will mill the slide for $145.00. They will do the whole thing if you wish, but once the slide is sitting there, the rest of it isn't rocket science.

    The way my eyes are aging, I may want optics on everything in another 10 years.

    So, still pursuing doing it myself, I eventually discovered this 'How-To' video: Glock with RMR how-to - YouTube

    Rewinding and playing it a few times I made a list of what I thought were the critical items taking the data from the video. A comment going in: The front of the RMR has a radius. The way he cut it would work. I think I'd probably make a jig to hold the slide on the rotary table and swing that to make it fit. A guy could practice on metal that wasn't a slide till he got it right, then do the slide. One jig should fit all the 9mm, .40, and .357 Glocks. I think the 21, 30 slides are a different width. I'd need to measure the 36 slide. Once the jig was aligned, installed, and checked out, one could turn the slides out pretty quickly. Like probably one every half hour including drilling and tapping the holes.

    1/2' 5 flute carbide center cutting end mill.
    7/64" drill, 6-32 tap

    Depth he used was 0.12". I've no idea what the best depth might be.
    He recommends 0.657" from back of slide - crowds the rear slide but should be okay. 0.717" was too far.
    Cut the curve manually to match the front of the RMR. He did it by eyeball.
    Left hole .370" deep. Right hole is through.
    HS steel 7/64 drill, 6-32 HS steel tap. Some people recommend 6-32 torax head. Some recommend the 6-40 screw. I'm not sure why they don't use 6-48 which are often used as scope base screws. Those are available torax drive and should be the strongest of all.

    From what I read, the screws that come with the RMR are 6-32 hex drive. I'd rather have Torax drive.

    The DIY guy in the video used Beachwood Casey Permablue to blue the bare metal. I have some Brownell's Oxpho Blue which should work just fine.

    He used Ameriglio suppressor sights, part number GP-112-300 in front and GL-404 rear.

    The right RMR mounting screw has to be filed down to a length of 0.415" to 0.42" from top of flat head to end.

    Do a google search. This topic has come up on a number of forums. is one where I found a couple of very informative threads.

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    I hope this helps you in your search.


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    Reflex/Holographic Sight for my Glock!

    I have had a Jpoint for an AR , they are very well made and a great backup sight. Before anyone really spends lot (as much as the handgun) on a reflex sight , Try one for a while and see of you like it or if it helps your shooting. I spent a lot having a g19 modified and then a lot on the sight for a negligible improvement. Both the slide and sight I sold off, it jut didn't work any better for myself. YMMV

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