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This is a discussion on Thin 9mm within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently bought a Kahr PM9. It is a great smaller gun but I do like my Shield 9 better as far a shooting goes....

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Thread: Thin 9mm

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    I recently bought a Kahr PM9. It is a great smaller gun but I do like my Shield 9 better as far a shooting goes.

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    I have had a Kahr or 2 and have never been able to figure out the trigger. Never could tell when it was gonna break. I'm not sure it broke the same place twice. My Glock is kinda thick but I shoot it better than anything I own. My Shield is a very close second. Very thin and with a little practice It gives confidence in it's accuracy. Very easy to conceal. For a thin 9mm I like it.

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    My recommendations in descending order:
    S&W Shield
    Walther PPS (would be #1 if price was lower)
    Ruger LC9
    Kahr CW9

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohiorobp View Post
    Bersa BP9CC please do yourself a favor and check it out. It's an outstanding pistol. I absolutely love it and have shot the crap out of it without any problems. They are moving very well at our shop.

    This is my BP9CC in my IWB holster by and it has zero print when used. It's a single stack 9mm btw 8+1.
    Read an article about those, they said it was a very reliable pistol.
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    Kahr MK9

    Quote Originally Posted by TeamJackson View Post
    Looking at picking up a small thin 9mm. I think I am down to the Beretta Nano or the M&P Shield. What are your thoughts? Am I missing any (not interested in PF-9).
    If you would consider an all metal gun instead of the polymer models mentioned previously, the Kahr MK9 is a good candidate. It is as small and thin as the polymer models, but weighs considerably more - about 24 ounces empty. For belt carry this weight is not a problem, and actually helps in recoil management with energetic 9mm ammo. The gun has been very reliable and accurate for me.

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    IMO, the Walther PPS 9mm is the best option.
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    Kimber Solo 9mm, Walther PPS 9mm
    Kel Tec PF9 9mm, Ruger LCR .38
    Walther PPQ M1 9mm
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    Here's another vote for the LC9. It's thin and very reliable.
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    Re: Thin 9mm

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisMia View Post
    I'd recommend the Walther PPS as well. Excellent choice for a slim IWB 9mm, and shoots like a bigger gun than it is.
    Second vote for the POD.

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    Kahr PM9 all the way...I searched and researched for a's now my summer/pocket carry gun. The G19 still rules in the cooler months.

    The Nano was at the bottom of my list... LC9 and Shield were out due to dimensions and safeties. The Solo isn't all that reliable...from reviews. I refuse to buy a DB.

    Even with new guns on the market, I haven't found anything that'll compete with my PM9...but the CM9 is second, no doubt.
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    Walther PPS all the way. Great shooter, easy to conceal, slim and reliable. I prefer it in hand and in shooting to the Beretta Nano (my only real world comparison as I've shot my buddies back to back with mine).

    There are a couple of downsides though:
    It's kind of spendy, rarely do you see it for under 550, even rarer still for under 500.
    Mags are spendy as well, nearly $50 per.

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    I have either owned or shot just about every single stack 9mm out there.

    The only one I currently own is the S&W M&P Shield.

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    SIG 938.

    I'd have voted for the Shield as the trigger is SO much better than the standard M&P, but they are tough to get.

    But I guess the SIG is too.

    Some knowledgeable guys have recommended the Kahr. Better give it a look.
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    over 7000 rounds with my Walther PPS - superb!

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    I hadn't given much thought to the Nano, then my FFL let me try his and I bought one from him two days later. Gave it a cleaning, and put 144 rounds of 115g American Eagle and PMC through it, and a couple mags of 124g federal premium HPs. Not so much as a hiccup. I'll want to get another 150-200 rounds through before it takes a roll as my full time carry... but as of now I've gotta say I really really like it. Even with it's seemingly high bore axis the recoil is nothing to write home about. From what I understand it was built around the 40 caliber, so that extra weight really soaks up the recoil from 9mm. I'll be ordering some night sights for it after the holidays.

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    I'll second the Kahr. I carry a CW45 on a daily basis, and the wife has the CW9. Definitely worth looking into.
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