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This is a discussion on Thin 9mm within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I love my Nano. Earlier ones had extraction issues but the newer ones do not. I have only shot 107 rounds through mine so far. ...

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Thread: Thin 9mm

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    I love my Nano. Earlier ones had extraction issues but the newer ones do not. I have only shot 107 rounds through mine so far. 100 rounds of PMC 124gr FMJ and 7 rounds Winchester PDX-1 JHP. All flawless. I plan to shoot some 115gr Remington throught it this week. The 115gr is what seems to have issues (with the older Nano's at least). A lot of posters on the Beretta forums seem to have no issue with 115gr ammo.

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    I carry what you don't like. If I were to look at one of the others I do like the way that the Shield feels in my hand.

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    I carry a PPS.
    I think you can do better than the Beretta Nano. I'd pass on Taurus too. Kel-tec is even lower on my list. If I didn't have PPS, I would look at:
    XDs (.45 ACP)

    Funny you get a suggestion for a G26 for the capacity, and then a snub .38 in the same post??? The G26 is short and easy to a Rubik's Cube. The snub .38 holds less than the single stack 9mm's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohiorobp View Post
    Bersa BP9CC please do yourself a favor and check it out. It's an outstanding pistol. I absolutely love it and have shot the crap out of it without any problems. They are moving very well at our shop.

    This is my BP9CC in my IWB holster by and it has zero print when used. It's a single stack 9mm btw 8+1.
    I have 2 main knocks against the BPCC. First is the physical dimensions. It's as tall as a Glock 19 and in my personal experience I have always found the grip to be the thing that prints the worst when it comes to concealing a pistol. Yes, it is .24 inches thinner then a G19 but like I said. I don't think that has as much to do with concealability as a lot of people think it does. Second, it's got that silly internal lock. I would personally never trust a gun with a internal lock in a defensive role.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nmuskier View Post
    Funny you get a suggestion for a G26 for the capacity, and then a snub .38 in the same post??? The G26 is short and easy to a Rubik's Cube. The snub .38 holds less than the single stack 9mm's.
    The OP did not state WHY he is interested in a thin 9mm. If he is interested in low weight, then a light weight snubbie is a very viable option. And, in my personal experience, MUCH more reliable than some of the micro 9mm pistols out there.

    If the OP is interested in a thin 9mm because of concerns over printing, then I think the slightly thicker G26, with its shorter grip, is actually a better choice than the current crop of single stack 9mm pistols. The fact that it also carries more ammo is a bonus.
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    Here's a pic of all 3 G26, Snub, Shield 9mm

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    I vote Walther PPS as well! Very thin, low recoil, very accurate and reliable! My only gripe is the pricey mags, but as far as the price of the gun, I'll never sacrifice quality over cost! Supurb handgun!

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    PPS all the way. Excellent shooter, excellent concealment. Friend of mine is a Federal Law enforcement officer and he carries the glock small and large and thinks the walther is "a lot better shooter". I like it compared to the Taurus 709: better shooter, more reliable, and much better trigger. Just my thoughts! Have fun trying to get one though. Currently hard to find untill Walther USA picks up distribution in the next couple of months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dooger View Post
    Kahr PM9 all the way...I searched and researched for a's now my summer/pocket carry gun. The G19 still rules in the cooler months.

    The Nano was at the bottom of my list... LC9 and Shield were out due to dimensions and safeties. The Solo isn't all that reliable...from reviews. I refuse to buy a DB.

    Even with new guns on the market, I haven't found anything that'll compete with my PM9...but the CM9 is second, no doubt.

    Don't knock the Solo until you try it.....mine has been perfect. Not a single misfire.
    The perfect "pocket carry" 9mm.
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    Thin 9mm

    I really like my Nano. It's not the smallest or the lightest single stack 9, but is definitely the one I am most comfortable shooting and carrying. Slick sides, and has chewed through every kind of ammo I've put through it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeamJackson View Post
    Looking at picking up a small thin 9mm. I think I am down to the Beretta Nano or the M&P Shield. What are your thoughts? Am I missing any (not interested in PF-9).
    Yes, you are missing the Sig P938 and the Walther PPS. Both are excellent guns.
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    I agree with 10thmtn --- get a Glock 26 if you want a reliable gun that conceals well with the stock 10-round magazine while also offering tons of options with larger magazines and mag extensions ... something for every occasion. They've been around since 1995, while all the others mentioned above have a significantly shorter track record. Having a self defense gun go 'bang' every time you pull the trigger is the first rule of winning a gun fight, and so many of the 'thin' 9mms don't follow that first rule.
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    Re: Thin 9mm

    Almost all the pistols mentioned so far are great options, no offense but I'm getting sick of glock fan boys mentioning the 26 in discussions about THIN SINGLE STACK 9mms. Anyway...I love my Beretta Nano and have had no issues, it's what I chose after dozens of hours of researching.

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    I'm going to add the Kahr MK9 as well. I have had one since 2007 and it has never failed once. I love the trigger and the weight makes it shoot like a larger gun.

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    either the Kahr cw9 or the Walther pps would be your best bet..

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