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Let the price gouging begin !!! >>>

This is a discussion on Let the price gouging begin !!! >>> within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Fitch It's a manufacturing operation. Most of the parts are made on CNC machines. Increasing productin isn't as simple as hiring more ...

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Thread: Let the price gouging begin !!! >>>

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    Let the price gouging begin !!! >>>

    Quote Originally Posted by Fitch View Post
    It's a manufacturing operation. Most of the parts are made on CNC machines. Increasing productin isn't as simple as hiring more people. Hiring more assemblers just results in them sitting around with nothing to do waiting for parts. The machines are already probably running around the clock to keep cost down. They probably make different model guns on the same machines in production runs. They set up the run, get the material, purchased parts, etc. while a different gun is running, then convert and make another run.

    You nailed it. They can add shifts but manufacturing in these situation it's add more machines or hope your supplier as a consumer contractually takes the said product. In the chemical industry the price goes up when the supply of the final/raw material is restricted.

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    I was out and about today and took at look at three stores for 9mm ammunition. Blain's Farm and Fleet was completely out except for three boxes of lead free stuff. Wal Mart only had steel cased cheap stuff and only four boxes of that particular round. Gander Mountain had plenty but their prices were 30% higher than a few weeks ago. Normal WWB of 50 rounds was $14.99 now $19.99. I have enough for a short-term SHTF scenario but not enough to go to the range and have fun with as well. I didn't buy any from them.

    Hopefully it all calms down in a few months.

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    It's a very sad situation for all gun owners. I knew it was heading in this direction when Mr. Obama won the election in 2008.

    I'd strongly suggest that you folks join the NRA and write your elected officials to let them know you oppose any more ineffective gun laws.

    FWIW, you can join the NRA for the price of a box of ammo before this madness ($25.00-$35.00) and IMO it's money well spent.

    Good luck, let's stick together and we may survive this assault on our constitutional rights.

    God Bless America.


    I'm an NRA member but just sent them a $250.00 donation which is a lot of money for me.
    "Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, you should never wish to do less".
    General Robert E. Lee

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    I saw ARs yesterday going for anywhere between $1600 - $6000

    PMAGS averaged about 35 bucks

    .223 / 5.56 ammo is starting out at about $1 a round locally
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    My brother works at Bud's. He said they can't keep anything in stock as far as AR's go. He went on to say that Bud's went through 3 pallets of Double Star AR's in on Saturday.(not sure how many are in a pallet but a fair amount) I contacted Double Star(there is a plant here local in Winchester, Ky) and they said they wont get caught up with production until sometime in January. Yeah it stinks that prices are going up but boys you better get it while you can. On the bright side, I've heard rumor, and I hope its true, that if they do ban AR style rifles the cost of 556/223 will drop. Guess we'll see what the government thinks is best for us.

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    Gun owners are their own worst enemy. I remember the panic buying in 2008 when Obama was elected President. There were stories of doom and gloom coming from all sides of the gun industry, from the NRA down to the local retailer. Prices went through the roof and what happened? Obama did noting to restrict the rights of gun owners in his first term. Then we had the run-up to the elections of 2012 and the same thing happened. Everyone was screaming about stocking up in case the President was re-elected even though he proved he was uninterested in the gun control issue. Again Obama showed no interest in the issue before Sandy Hook. Will the current tragedy be enough to rally the anti-gun crowd this time? I don't know, but what I do know is that Comumbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson changed nothing after the initial outcry for gun bans. But right now, at this very monent, the apparent price gouging is being driven by gun owners, gun manufacturers, and gun retailers...because no laws have changed and no bans have passed and gone into effect. Gun owners need to stop letting themselves be manipulated by the gun industry. If no one buys into the hysteria and panic and refuses to buy at inflated prices, then the market will adjust as it always does.

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    The reason Obama didn't go after guns his first term was the fact he wanted to get re-elected. He knew that wouldn't happen if he pushed the issue. He already had enough problems jamming socialized medicine down our throats. Now that he doesn't have to be re-elected he can do whatever he wants. Remember his comment caught on tape where he told the Russians he'd be able to do more after the election? Sandy Hook is just an excuse to start to push his agenda. To paraphrase his old chief of staff, never let a crisis go to waste.
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    I work for a dealer. I have spent the past two weeks answering the phone with one hand while handling face to face transactions with the other.

    I haven't had a semiautomatic rifle in any chambering other than .22LR for a week. Subcompact .380s and 9mms are going like crazy. Mags for rifles and handguns are gone.

    After closing, I have looked at a couple distributor sites, checking for availability on basics like Glock 17s and 19s. Gone.

    ...and I continue to hear people say, "you'll be restocked in a week. I'll just wait." I don't argue. I've stopped trying to explain. Instead, I am taking the long view, and putting my energy into trying to get people to actually contact their State's Senators and Reps.

    If people don't take this seriously, we're in trouble.

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    Prices are crazy around here, 100 rd value packs of WWB 39.99 was paying 23.99. Was going to pick up a G19 this week and now.........dont think so. Buds is 619.00, thats crazy and even worse is a place with a mtn related to it 699.00. Good lord this is crazy. I hope things calm down here in the next couple of months. I guess I'll have to keep looking for the elusive 499.00 Gen4 G19.

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    All I can say is that I'm glad that I bought my Colt AR when I did. Checking gunbroker I found that prices pretty much doubled, and people are very willing to pay.
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    Went to my gunshop today and there was a line!. Never seen a line before even the range is packed!. PMAGs were worth $35 a piece. I didnt bother asking how much the other magazines cost. I got lucky and got 2 33rd 9mm Glock mags from Botach before the ran out!
    Proudly living in the free state of Florida

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    Quote Originally Posted by southchatham View Post
    Don't buy now. If your short on ammo stop shooting it. I'm sure most of us are stocked up pretty good. I learned from the last shortage to stay stocked. So I'm fine and can lay low and wait it out. In 6 months this will die down with no ban!
    Man, I hope you're right!

    Family member looked for two days for a birch stocked 10-22...found one with a decent B&L glass and one ten round and two Ruger 25 rd mags - $500.00. just about had chest pain, but this one's a frugal gun buyer...hope he's satisfied with that for a while.

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