Define irony.......

Define irony.......

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Thread: Define irony.......

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    Define irony.......

    What a royal pain. Usually I see the gun I want, but don't have the money.

    Now I have the money, but can't find a gun.

    Considering a Smith 640 Pro, a SIG 938, a Shield, and a SIG 238.

    Three are unattainable. The 238s are available, but I would want the ambi safety. That puts it around 7 bills. That's getting up there for a 380, and when a SIG fan says that, things are grim indeed.

    At this point, I would resign myself to the 238 if there were no other options, which there may not be. The aluminum j frames never really caught my eye. Nor did the Rugers, Kel Tecs, or any other pocket guns. Would love a 938 SAS, and had a line on one, but that fell through. Shot a Scandium j frame once, and it will remain once. The 640 Pro would be a fine second place. Pretty sure Shields are urban legends, fabricated by Smith to bolster the stock price.

    Amazing how everything has disappeared. I hope they come back. If you think it's frustrating when the gun you want is available but money isn't, try it the other way around.

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    I know the feeling, finally had the money on hand for a Colt Delta Elite. Searching all the gun shows for over a year I was unable to find one. I got lucky though, an LGS I seldom go to had three in stock and I got the one I wanted. Next gun show I found two for sale and surprisingly the prices were higher than I paid.
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    Are you wanting an Ambi safety because you are a lefty? I'm right handed and I specifically bought a standard safety because the right side dug into my index finger knuckle. oh yeah, I bought a Blackwood P238.
    I carry a .357mag because no one bickers about the .357mag being "enough".

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    hang in there, gun sales have been up and down before... soon there will be enough for everyone. bunker
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    When I got my 640 Pro last year I called the Smith LE rep for this area. He told me then, if you see what you want you better buy it. Now it is only getting worse.

    Good luck!
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    The ultimate irony is drawing a tree...on a piece of paper.
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    Hang on to your money.

    Good things come to those who wait. Your deal will come along before too long.
    Trust in God and keep your powder dry

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    Buddy buys a (name your brand) pistol and has nothing but trouble with it. You--being the good pal you are--take it off his troubled hands for a minimal fee. Gun now works flawlessly. Go figure.
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