Most reliable .22 semi?

Most reliable .22 semi?

This is a discussion on Most reliable .22 semi? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Semi local guy - who I bumped into today - wants his wife to carry a .22 Ok - I tried to talk him into ...

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    Most reliable .22 semi?

    Semi local guy - who I bumped into today - wants his wife to carry a .22 Ok - I tried to talk him into getting her at least a .32 or 380 - something centerfire but no - he was resolute (well for now!).

    I think I will have to work on him and get his wife to a range visit - that might be very useful.

    Anyways - got me to thinking what might in fact be best for reliability. I love my Ruger 22/45 but carry piece that ain't I hear good and bad about P22 - seems newer ones have problems licked. Maybe even an NAA Mini!!!

    What other options can you folks think of in this category. Now I have thought on it I realize I can't come up with too much right now.
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    HMM!! Pocket gun wise, I know and saw several PT-22's that ran fine with either standard fps stuff and or stingers, riding around in ankle rigs .

    If he's thinking that small I sure would lean toward a Kel-tec P-32

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    I own 2 of the NAA mini's but they are magnums.
    I would look for smiths' scandium .22 snubby or just for the savings...Taurus .22 snubby. Model 94 I believe.

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    I have and carry the PT 22 occasionally. Accurate, reliable, and packs a decent punch with QuikShock ammo. Some days I carry the PT 22 in one pocket, and the Tomcat (.32) in the other. Talk about some serious mouse guns!
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    Beretta 21A.
    I got one several years ago when I lived in Chicago and couldn't carry a gun. Ahem.
    Anyway, I bought a case (5000 rds) of Remington Std Velocity ammo from a gun club member soon after. I belonged to a gun club with an indoor pistol range whose members had all hours access to. I got off work at 4:30AM at the time, and would stop by the range after work and shoot until after sunrise.
    I shot some of that ammo in other guns, but most of it went through the Beretta that winter. It did fine. Just fine.

    I've had a couple of other little .22s before and since, but the Beretta is the only one trustworthy.

    I don't want to ever carry a gun that small again, and now would find ways to carry something more substantial. But if I HAD to carry a .22, I would carry a Beretta 21A.

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    I've heard some very good things about the new Sig Mosquito, but I've not fired one....yet. Don't know as I'd carry ANY 22 as primary CCW....although having said that I can remember a few times ~looks sheepish~ that I did shove my NAA 22 in my pants pocket to run to the store....I don't do that anymore.
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    Try to talk them into at least shooting a kel-tec p-32. I have one and its recoil isnt much more than a 22. Packs a decent punch and pretty accurate at self defence ranges. And they are super light and concealable grat pocket guns. Or as I refer to mine as an always gun. Be safe


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    I enjoyed a ruger mark I for several years, untill I got stupid and sold it. I never had a miss feed or a failure. I don't know if it was luck or not, but it was a sweet little gun. Kick myself alot over that one...

    I liked its accuracy and did not like the small clip. Kinda a pain to fully breakdown and clean too. Oh, well. I might carry one in a pinch and at the moment, not having any gun on me, wish I had it right now....
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    Depending upon what they are looking for, the SP101 is made in .22. It will give you better velocity and and not as likely to get lost in a purse as an NAA.
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    How about a Firestorm in 22. I've never handled one but it looks like it might just be a Bersa in disquise. After she gets used to it its the same form as a 380 (PPK clone ish). Just a thought.
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    I would want a revo or atleast second strike capability. .22 doesn't ignite or feed reliable enough for me to trust it in a semi for defense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExSoldier View Post
    I've heard some very good things about the new Sig Mosquito, but I've not fired one....yet. Don't know as I'd carry ANY 22 as primary CCW....although having said that I can remember a few times ~looks sheepish~ that I did shove my NAA 22 in my pants pocket to run to the store....I don't do that anymore.
    Seeing 3 pallets of 300 each in the Mosquitos ...........bearing "red tags" tells me they don't work very well.
    The Smith 22 wheelies might be a good they're pretty up front reliable..
    Walther TPH would be a great choice too, (if you can fin done affordable)
    Walther PPKs in 22 would be a great choice too
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    Chris, I see someone has already mentioned the Firestorm. Firestorm is made by the same company that makes Bersa and imported by the same company that imports Bersa. The Firestorm .380 varies from the Bersa in the shape of the trigger guard and the grips. The .22LR version has a 10 round magazine and externally is identical to the .380 and .32 versions.

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    I think the Ruger 22/45 with the shortest available barrel length (under 3" I believe) would be a great .22 for carry, though it still might be too bulky. The Walther P22 would be a great .22 semi for carry, but I have heard too many bad things about them. I'd rather go with a revo and I'd up it too 22 mag. The little S&W 351PD would be the best rimfire for carry IMO.

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    I have a Walther P22 and as soon as I complete CCW, I will carry it. I have many other guns but this is greatly concealable, cheap to shoot (therefore I practice a lot), and very light weight. It is dependable, as I load CCI in it and haven't had a FTE or FTF since. What else can I say? I love it. I also love Walther customer service, since they sent me two magazines for free (one of my mag's spring was broken. Just all around easy to shoot and great gun.

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