Anyone carry "veteran" handguns?

Anyone carry "veteran" handguns?

This is a discussion on Anyone carry "veteran" handguns? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm sure more than a few of you out there are collectors of Vietnam War, Korean War, WWII or WWI firearms. I'm curious how many ...

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Thread: Anyone carry "veteran" handguns?

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    Anyone carry "veteran" handguns?

    I'm sure more than a few of you out there are collectors of Vietnam War, Korean War, WWII or WWI firearms. I'm curious how many of you have carried C&R or collectible military handguns concealed or openly, and if so, what it was. I've carried my WWII P.38 and Inglis High Power, but I confess I've never thought of actually carrying the Model 1895 Nagant.
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    I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it.
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    Despite acquiring a later Colt Government Model I still infrequently carry my old faithful 1918 vintage Colt Model 1911. First .45 automatic I ever owned. It'd serve well too if called upon. I carried it only recently.

    I've seriously carried a Colt Model 1917 on a couple of occasions. Others include a World War II 1 Model 1911A1 Remington Rand, Smith & Wesson Model 1917 and Victory Model, WWII P 38, a late 1940s Austrian Rural Police High-Power, a Webley Mark IV .455, and several pre-war commercial Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers including a Colt Single Action Army .38-40.

    Sure it's a stunt now but once these all were just old guns with some service life left in them, back when I got most of them. I still see them that way even though I realize that they have a measure of collectibility they didn't use to have.

    Some other handguns kept around here that haven't been seriously considered for carry include a 9mm Luger, Colt Model 1901 .38, and, as you mention, the Nagant revolver. These just don't make the grade for serious use for one reason or the other.

    Fun thread to consider.
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    I have a P38 passed from my Grandfather and a M1911 passed from my father, I have never once thought about carrying them. I have shot them plenty of times and when going to the range with some friends the two war vets always hitch a ride in my range bag, I load my 9mm real soft for the P38 and shoot hardcast SWC out of the M1911A1. They are always a hit at the range they shoot very accurate, I would not however trust today's high powered self defense ammo in them.

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    I have nothing to show, but I sure like the looks of what you have...very nice!
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    I don’t know if you would consider it a veteran but I on occasion carry a 2-inch S&W Model 10 since that was what I carried when on active duty.

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    I also have a P38 that I like to take to the range. I've never had a problem using modern Sellier & Bellot ammo in it, but no +P though. I would never conceal carry it as it is too hard to hide on my frame. I do however carry a CZ 82 chambered for 9mm Makarov.

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    In the past, I've carried a Remington 1911 just because I liked it.
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    Occasionally I carry a CZ82 chambered in 9mm Makarov. Which was the standard issue for many Eastern Bloc military and police for many years.
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    I also carry a CZ82 9mm Mak. Great gun!
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    East German Makarov, Czech CZ-52 (7.62X25), and Russian Tokarev circa 1951 same caliber.

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    Nope. But those are so pretty weapons.

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    The only vintage piece I own is a .38 M&P that was shipped to a Lt Col D.I. Cooke, along with 17 others just like it, 44 days after Pearl Harbor. When I got the gun it look like it had never been fired, and I'm convinced that the box of rounds I put through it were rounds 7 through 56 in it's lifetime, so I've never carried it. I just take it out and clean it once in a while. It's truly my only safe queen.
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    I used to carry my grandfather's Mauser .32 but I feel guilty since the wood grips and the blueing are in such good condition. It was built in the 60s, it's not a WWII weapon, but it's still kind of old and I'd like to keep it nice.

    Also my dad left me a Makarov .380 but I don't think it's very old.

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    I have OC'ed with a Tokarev a few times hiking with my dog in NH
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