Remington .22 ammo unreliable?

Remington .22 ammo unreliable?

This is a discussion on Remington .22 ammo unreliable? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I got some new toys for Christmas (some scopes etc), and decided to take my Ruger Mk iii to the range to test them out. ...

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Thread: Remington .22 ammo unreliable?

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    Remington .22 ammo unreliable?

    I got some new toys for Christmas (some scopes etc), and decided to take my Ruger Mk iii to the range to test them out.

    Due to the rush on ammo, the only .22 ammo I could find was Remington target ammo.

    I've never had such unreliable ammo in my life! About 20% of the rounds failed to fire!

    Never had trouble like this before. Is Remington ammo really that bad? Or do you think my gun just didn't like it?

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    I bought 550 Golden Bullets a couple years ago and they were garbage in every handgun I put them through. In rifles, they were fine. Not sure what it was. The rims showed good primer strikes in the handguns, but they didn't go off. Not sure if the springs in the guns had something to do with it or there were other issues.

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    I love the Golden Bullets. My semi autos love them too. Can't remember having and failures to fire with this brand. The Thunderbolts on the other hand would fire, but wouldn't cycle properly. No other experience with other Remington 22's

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    never had a problem with Golden Bullets but the thunder bolts were hit or miss

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    I've had problems with the Remington lead ammo feeding, with an occasional misfire. I tend to stay with CCI for plinking.
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    i must be lucky. i buy lots of 22 lr ammo. i go for the bulk cheap stuff. i don't worry about the brand, just go with what on sale. i don't remember getting any bad ones in the lot.
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    Me neither, and I use just about all brands, although I stick with CCI Minimags now because they work best in my G30 .22 conversion.
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    I'd guess I have about a 5% failure rate with Remington Golden bulk pack ammo. I practice a lot with a 10/22 I have set up for a steel "tactical" match, and I routinely have at least one failure to fire per mag of 25. I won't use them for the matches - both the Winchester M22 and the CCI AR Tactical feed and fire with 100% reliability, and the CCI is the most accurate rimfire ammo I've found for my 10/22s so far.

    With centerfire ammo, the Remington or UMC ball ammo always goes bang, but it is unremarkable with respect to accuracy.
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    Years ago Golden Bullets were all I would use.
    Now days I have to many issues with them in my 10-22, and MK III Ruger.
    I have had much better luck with Federal 550 pak.
    Best seems to be the AR Tactical and Federal Auto Match. I have a box of Winchester AR Tactical ammo I have not tryed so far. It is high, so I hope it works 100%.


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    No experience with the Remington recently, but when I did try it some years back with my Mark II and Marlin 75C, I had numerous failures with it. CCI and Federal work just fine in both guns.
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    RGB's (Remington Golden Bobbleheads) are among the least reliable 22LR's I've shot. My M&P15-22's will generally cycle 3-5 rounds between malfunctions.
    The Federal bulk ammo is far more reliable in my firearms, although they are still a little inconsistant as far as load go (some are hotter, some weaker, but cycle well)
    The best results for me have always come from CCI ammo. MiniMags, Stingers, Tactical, Blazer... all as close to 100% as rimfire can be.
    For subsonic 22LR, I've settled on the Gemtek ammo. Very quiet and cycles the 15-22's perfectly, with or without a can.

    I love shooting 22's... more than 20K rounds worth last year!
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