Would you prefer a .22LR or a .25 ACP?

Would you prefer a .22LR or a .25 ACP?

This is a discussion on Would you prefer a .22LR or a .25 ACP? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Not that I am likely to carry this weapon.. but I'm trying to buy a few more semi-auto guns over the next week or two ...

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Thread: Would you prefer a .22LR or a .25 ACP?

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    Would you prefer a .22LR or a .25 ACP?

    Not that I am likely to carry this weapon.. but I'm trying to buy a few more semi-auto guns over the next week or two just in case some ridiculous laws get passed. I've always sort of wanted one of those el-cheapo Phoenix Arms guns that you can get for like $125. For some reason I was thinking they were all .25ACP, but I realized when looking online today that they come in both calibers. Now I'm scratching my head as to which is better. Since it is the same gun, only different caliber, I'm trying to make a decision. I realize the .22LR ammo is much cheaper, but I doubt I'll be putting hundreds of rounds through it at the range, so the price isn't really that important. On the same token, I probably won't be carrying it much (if ever) as a self-defense weapon so reliability isn't really all that important either. So I'm pretty much back at square one. What are people's opinion between the two calibers?
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    I would go with .22LR. Since it will also be able to used in rifles, that might prove useful to you down the road. .22LR rifles are very common and can be used for many things from target practice to small game hunting. might be something to consider.
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    .22lr all day long...

    And twice on Sunday!!!

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    I'd go with a .25 (because it's centerfire rather than rim fire) if I really needed it. I would go with .22 if I planned to shoot it a lot since the .22 is so much cheaper.

    And not that you asked, but I would rather buy 150 rounds of 9mm than waste $125 on a cheap .25.
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    22LR without a doubt.
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    Im with Brad on this, buy ammo, rather than a cheap handgun. But between the two, for strictly handgun purposes, I would probably go for the .25. But the .22 works in both handgun/rifle. So given the OP, I would say .22, because any ammo you buy is also usable in a rifle.
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    22lr for some strange reason I have no use for a 25. I own several 22s and the cost of ammo just brings me back to the good ole 22. I also have a 32 and a 380 so the 25 just doesnt do it for me.

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    I'd go with the .22 also.

    I have a cheap .25 (first gun I ever bought) and it is a jam-o-matic.

    Not that they all are, but I have fired several differnt .25s over the years and none of them impressed me very much. .22 makes more sense to me anyway..........but as others have said, I'd avoid a "cheap" gun.

    Even if its just for fun at the range, it'll become very frustrating (not much fun) if it doesn't cycle properly. Good luck with your decision.

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    When I was looking for a cheap .22, strictly for fun, I decided I wanted a revolver - even if it is just for fun, dealing with jams just isn't fun.

    I was in no hurry, but one day I found a gem in the rough at a local gun store - an old Iver Johnson "Sealed 8" target revolver. You can either load/unload one at a time (the cylinder does not swing out) or you can remove the cylinder pin and take the cylinder out to load/unload. Best part is it was only $150.

    The sights are not the best, but it is reliable, and crazy fun to shoot. The loading/unloading method forces you to slow down and concentrate on the fundamentals - instead of just burning through ammo. And if you really want to practice your trigger squeeze - try shooting it in DA mode.

    I'd say keep your eye out for a nice used .22 revolver, and have fun with it.
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    I too vote for the 22lr.

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    22, no question about it.
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    .22 lr and never look back.

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