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Got it narrowd down to three, but unsure of caliber.

This is a discussion on Got it narrowd down to three, but unsure of caliber. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by hartlathers Look at Bersa Thunder 380. These little guns are all steel, dependable, accurate and very easy to shoot. People will argue ...

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Thread: Got it narrowd down to three, but unsure of caliber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hartlathers View Post
    Look at Bersa Thunder 380. These little guns are all steel, dependable, accurate and very easy to shoot. People will argue caliber till the cows come home. There's nothing wrong with .380. It a good, reliable round that has been around many years.
    The Bersa Thunder is a fine gun, but if you're going to go with a .380, there are much smaller and more pocket-able guns than the Bersa (basically a clone of the Walther PPK). If you're going to carry something that large, you might as well look at some of the smaller 9mm options, like the Kahr PM9.
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    i have a glock 23 gen 3. i use it for shooting out in the range, concealed carry and home defense. its not the full size not the subcompact, right in the middle and best of both worlds i think. holds 13 in clip but they make 22 plus rounders i just got a 22 rounder its sweet! i also put a hogue grip on it really nice and gives u a good confident grip. the grip was 10$ well worth it. fits nice in my waistband or in your lower back. i would go with a .40 for whatever you get. but that's just me

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    stick with the platform you're already familiar with and get a sig p938.. I own both a g23 and a few sigs (p238, P938) and carry all of them..
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    Nothing wrong with any of your choices, but I'd personally pick an M&P over any of them; Full-size, Compact, or Shield, depending on how small you want to go. I prefer 9mm, but since you've already got a .40, you might want to stay with the same caliber.

    Quote Originally Posted by jblives2ride View Post
    stick with the platform you're already familiar with and get a sig p938...
    He's got a P229 in .40 S&W. Very little in common with a P938!

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    Get the PPS 9mm….you won't regret it.
    smooth trigger…not one misfire.
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    The Glock-26 is a reliable, easy to conceal pistol that would serve you very well.
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    SIG non .22 Lr models are good guns. They will run and not jam up.

    Saying that, I think you should really rethink the Glock 19. Its a bargain, and there is a reason serious people buy it.

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    From what you listed I'd probably go with the Glock. Get a Kangaroo carry for your Sig 229, I CC my 229 with it and it disappears under the right shirts.
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    If you are looking for a 9mm you can put in your pocket get the sig 938 .If you want to stick to sig get either a 228 or 229 or whatever the 40 version is called they are both the compact model of the 226 good guns take 226 mag as well

    For the other having shoot both the glcock 19 26 etc and the XD guns. I will say this they both take down very easy are easy to clean and have a good mag size .

    But both feel different firing . If you can shoot a 19 and xd sc see what you like.

    For me the only massive selling point of the glock is that it the mags are widdly used in a lot of guns .You can turn your glock into a rifle for example or they make glock mag ARs etc .And the mags or glocks tend to fit other models so a glcok 26 mags size is either 10 or 12 but can take the 30 round 17/18 mags. That and there is massive support for them but I like them both I would never sell either xds or glocks both are great guns .

    But if you like 40 either xd or glock make a good gun but if you can get a gen 4 40 glock they have better springs.

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    Had S&W Glocks, Taurus, Colt, and Rugers. The Ruger SR series is worth a long hard look in 9mm 40 or 45.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kobster View Post
    Springfield XD, Glock, and a Ruger SR

    ... I just got rid of a gun so I can purchase another one.
    Did you get rid of the 1911 as your avatar? Just wondering what trigger feel you're used to.

    Go to a range and rent each one before deciding. Don't buy anything until after the SHOT show (10 days to go). Who knows, maybe you'll settle on the SIG P320.
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    Of that group you mention, I might well select a Springfield XD subcompact. The SIG P229 is 3/4" longer, 1/4" wider and 3/4" taller than the XDsc.

    There are plenty of "compact" pistols on the market that are in the 6.5" OAL range. But if 7.1" OAL is "too large" for carry by you, then I can't see that only a half-inch reduction in overall length and corresponding height/thickness/weight would make a huge difference. But if you're prepared to select a gun in the low-6" range for length, I think you'll find it far more concealable. Depends on your body shape, clothing choices.

    Another option might be a CZ 2075 RAMI. At 6.5" OAL, it's noticeably smaller. Not a true sub-compact, but it conceals fairly easily and carries well. Many report it "disappears" on the waist. Though, the SIG P239 is similar in size to this CZ. If you're big on SIGs, the 239 might be a good choice, presuming "only" half-inch shorter is worth your while.
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    All good options and both calibers are fine. Best to shoot them first if you can. It will likely come down to which trigger is best and which safety arrangement you prefer.

    I might give a slight edge to .40 for you, as you already have the Sig, and you're in Michigan. I imagine people bundle up in the winter, and a BG wearing heavy clothing presents a challenge in terms of hollowpoint expansion. A .40 that doesn't expand is better than a 9mm that doesn't expand.
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    I carry an SR1911, that being said I'm partial to the Springfield. The real question is, what to you shoot best? and secondly what feels best to you. you don't want to have buyers remorse because you listened to us and not your instinct. If you shoot the Ruger best get it, or if the Glock rocks ya go there, shoot if a derringer is what you love, then by all means carry one. just remember its what you shoot best and what you feel comfortable with that matters.
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    Glock,Ruger ,Springfield in that order is my choice

    cant go wrong with either brand
    Glock will have the best resale value if you trade or sell later

    Try em all and buy what you like

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