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Ruger LCP feedback

This is a discussion on Ruger LCP feedback within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i've had my lcp for a few years now,500+rounds through it and not a single of the best .380 pocket pistols available!...

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Thread: Ruger LCP feedback

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    i've had my lcp for a few years now,500+rounds through it and not a single of the best .380 pocket pistols available!

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    Everybody is different. My son and I don't like the same guns. However, when we have rented an LCP, we both
    really liked it. I'm not bothered by its alleged snap, and in fact I've asked my LGS to get one for me. I could
    probably go around to the big box places and find one, but I prefer to stick with the LGS.

    When I finally get one it will be my EDC. I could carry a compact .40 I own. I just took the TX range test
    with it a few minutes ago for my 2nd license renewal. I have another in .380 I do carry.

    However, I am quite certain that once the LGS finally gets one in it will live in a pocket or IWB. From my limited
    experience, I think they are great. YMMV
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    The gun is dependable. I carried one for a year and shot it at least twice a month. It is a very accurate little gun. To tame it down, I replaced the recoil spring with a 13 lb spring, factory is 9 lb. You can get the springs from Wolff Gunsprings. It made a huge difference in the comfort level of shooting this little monster. I finally traded it about a month ago and replaced it with a NAA Pug for my pocket gun. I think someone said it best in an earlier post...I hated it.

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    Mar 2012
    Good little pocket gun- get quality ammo (Critical Defence). It is what it is, but she is better than not.....

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    Nov 2011
    I bought the gun too and agree it is quite snappy.
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    Sep 2012
    Havertown, PA
    I have one and the recoil isn't bad. For me this isn't my man CCW, but use it when needing to conceal deeper or as a backup. For the price they are well worth it becuse they are reliable and good quality.

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    Jan 2009
    I must like it well enough - I have two of them, and my wife has one.

    In my experience, the addition of the finger extension on the magazine makes a HUGE difference in perceived recoil.

    Adding a coat of white nail polish to the front sight, plus two coats of florescent model paint, makes the front sight much more useable.

    I have CT lasers on all my carry guns, including the LCPs. I actually ran a LCP through a low light pistol class, and did very well with it, due in large part to the laser. Changed a few minds about the little gun by the end of the class...

    As far as the trigger pull goes - you need to pull it like you mean it. I have no issues emptying several mags into one ragged hole at 7-10 yards with the LCP. If you know your fundamentals, the LCP is plenty accurate.
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    Mine works!

    I have one I often carry when nothing else will do. Mine has been reliable. I keep it clean and wet. Accuracy is very good if I stage the trigger to twenty five yards plus, despite the fact it's sights are not the greatest. It shines as a point shooter. I will chase wiffle golf balls around the hillside at the range just point shooting which is how I see this gun being used. It easily fits in the front or rear pocket of my jeans. No other auto has come close in its convenience. Even the Kahr PM9 feels like a VHS tape in my front pocket comparatively and no way will it draw smoothly which is why I chose the LCP as a pocket gun. It may not be the BADDEST weapon out there, but it is comforting, and they don't get much easier to carry.

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    Re: Ruger LCP feedback

    One lives in my pocket almost everyday. Easiest handgun to carry IMHO. Mine was flawless until one or two months ago I had a FTE. Ruger paid for shipping and fixed it. Good customer service.

    I trust a J Frame more but the LCP is easier to carry. Just my experience.
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    Member Array AlanH's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    It does not recoil bad. The Crimson Trace is needed (the others are not good enough) the lazer is not for 7 yard social encounters but for shooting the coyote that walks out on the way to the deer to the stand. Most of the other 380s are heavier and thicker and it does make a difference in pocket carry. YMMV

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    Oct 2010
    My LCP has been all i could ask for...reliable, accurate and can conceal in front, back pocket, iwb will swallow it up and sits in my vest pocket like it is not there...i guess it is snappy but recoil does not bother me...i do think the enjoyment of this pistol relates with hand hands are small so the LCP fits me well...

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    Smithfield, VA
    Bought one....sold it two weeks later. I now have a Solo CDP (flawless) and Sig P938.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoingOK View Post
    Bought one....sold it two weeks later. I now have a Solo CDP (flawless) and Sig P938.

    I did the exact same thing. it was too snappy for me. Sold it with only 50 rounds through it and bought a Solo Carry.
    The Solo IMO is the perfect pocket carry 9mm.
    Kimber Solo 9mm, Walther PPS 9mm
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    Well I don't have $700 to drop on a Kimber
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    Apr 2012
    I like mine and carry it often. Recoil is there, but nothing crazy.

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