Just toying around with the idea of getting a very small pocket .380 when finances return to normal. I see one of the smallest and affordable .380's looks to be this.

They have some made some changes to the original version:


Recoil Reduction - after months of experimentation, we have developed a recoil reduction system for the Protector Series Pistols using a porting method to bleed off high pressure gas during the shooting process. There are two ports located on the top of the barrel, positioned at compound angles to direct the spent gas away from the shooter. The effect of these exhaust ports reduces felt recoil to a shooting experience similiar to an 32acp or 22 Magnum. Improved Shooting Accuracy will occur due to minimized muzzle rise during shooting, bringing the target back into position quicker than weapons without this technology.

Fully Machined Aluminum Grips - are now standard equipment on the MPA380S-II and MPA380P-II. The grips are machined from 6061 aluminum billet, Hardcoat Anodized Matte Black, and are a perfect match to the classic, fully machined masterpiece from MPA - the Protector II.

Beavertail - The Protector II series has the addition of a Beavertail to the rear section of the grip on the weapon. This feature is included in the fully machined lower receiver, increases shooting comfort and eliminates "Slide Bite" for those with an extra large grip."

and I believe they added a finger grooved extended magazine floor plate compared to the first model.

Does anyone have any experience with these? I do really like the magazine release design. With my LCP I would always manage to hit the mag release in my pocket or while shooting. I would intend to only feed it with round nose ball ammunition in lue of problems I have had with .380's feeding anything else.