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This is a discussion on Kel-tec PF-9 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I think it's a fair statement that this gun is at best unpredictable in hardcore reliability. I would personally spend a little more and invest ...

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Thread: Kel-tec PF-9

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    I think it's a fair statement that this gun is at best unpredictable in hardcore reliability. I would personally spend a little more and invest in a more reliable brand and model, even if it means getting a good quality lightly used gun from a reputable individual or shop. If you are using this for a CC piece, it needs to work on demand, without fail. A J-frame S&W is an excellent choice for a lady as a first gun. Good luck.
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    Kel Tec PF9 serves its purpose

    I just purchased a Springfield XD9sc and love it. I does everything better than my Kel-Tec. The recoil is easily managed by my 15 year old daughter. It is a pleasure to shoot. However, the slide alone weighs more than the PF9 loaded! I think of my PF9 like the emergency jack in the trunk of my car, I hardly ever think about it,most of the time I forget it is even there. It is not attractive, the finish is poor with rough edges, it is not particularly fun to use and there are many superior options available. On the side of a dark highway in an emergency it is a true blessing and a lifesaver!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shutterbug View Post
    Hey Godawg82, how do you rate the Keltec against the Solo and the PPS? I handled a Keltec for the first time the other day at gun show, and the grip to trigger distance seemed extremely it's meant for a 5'4" woman. Do you like the trigger? I owned a P11 and got rid of it simply because of the atrocious trigger, but the P9 seemed better. Anyway, would just like to hear your comparison.

    Sorry....busy last night watching the Tide destroy ND. Ha ha.

    The trigger on the PF9 is relatively long and of course is double action. So it took me and my son a few minutes to "get used to it". By the second magazine for each of us, we were hitting the center of the target within 3 inches circle from 21 feet.
    Of course, my 17 yo son did better than I did. The recoil is NOT too bad. I did NOT think the trigger distance was "extremely" short. Since the trigger pull is relatively long, I did not think it was short.

    Comparing the PF9 to my Solo or PPS.....big difference. Their triggers are so much better.....not as long, easier to pull and anticipate when the gun would shoot. BUT....accuracy was not too different (ie we could be fairly accurate with all three guns
    from 21 feet, which is the common distance for bad guy interactions). The Solo is single action and has a sweet trigger. Love it. My favorite pocket carry gun. The PPS is double action and also has a great trigger. Less recoil but then it is bigger
    and weighs much more than the PF9. Borderline too big for pocket carry, depending on size of your pocket.

    IMO....the PF9 is a bargain at $270. IF funds are limited, and you want pocket carry 9mm, I would favor this one. IF you can afford $600 or so and want pocket carry, then get the Solo. (don't believe all the negative press online....just use 124gr
    or 147gr ammo and odds are you will have a great shooting gun).
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