Kimber ultra carry II?

Kimber ultra carry II?

This is a discussion on Kimber ultra carry II? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi guys I was wondering if anyone here can tell me about these little 1911's at all,is kimber a good brand? I'am interested in thair ...

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Thread: Kimber ultra carry II?

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    Kimber ultra carry II?

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone here can tell me about these little 1911's at all,is kimber a good brand? I'am interested in thair out of the box reliability(after break in)and which mags work best in these guns? I know the smaller 1911 pistols have a spotty rep. for reliability but have heard these small kimbers seem to run right is this true? I've only owned full size 1911's most ran fine and some have had small issues that were easily resolved so I don't mind this is a smaller version(I've shot the officer sized 1911's and the ones i've shot ran fine). I guess my bottom line here is are these guns worth looking into for a CCW? thanks for any help guys.

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    I've ran over 1100 rounds through mine without a hiccup. I love the size, the recoil, the feel of the weapon.
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    Great little gun's and yes are of good quality. I carry an Ultra CDP and to be honest I did have a few FTF issues but never a FTE. very few FTF problems but enough for me to question the gun, I attributed it to the stock mag. So before I carried it I sent my CDP to my local gun smith who is magical with gun's and what he can do with them. I wanted this gun to run on any ammo and any mag I inserted and that is what I got. I even use the stock Kimber mag's with it at the range and they work every time without a problem.

    However, I do carry it with a stock Kimber mag but with the gut's changed out with a Tripp Research spring and follower because I want the flat base plate on the stock mag for carry. My other mag's are both Tripp Cobra and Wilson for the range and back up's.

    Do not hesitate in buying one of these Kimbers. Don't let the "short barreled don't buy it" people sway you. I am easily at around 2k rds with mine and it is perfect. I keep it clean and lubed and carry it everyday just about.

    Here is a pic of my 90% of the time EDC! Good luck with your choice.

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    I had one for quite a while. It was a great little gun, and never let me down. The only reason I got rid of it was because I happen to shoot glocks better. I guess since my first gun was a Glock 19, I am a little better with them. Before I let go of it, I had put a few thousand rounds through it, and it always shot POA. Less accurate than the 3" and 4" but what you lose in accuracy you gain in concealibility. I would not hesitate to own another one, just can't afford one right now.
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    I agree with TI, I had a Ultra CDP 2 and I ended given up on it... to many failures.. I ran about 1500 rounds through it, various brands and I could never find a reliable round. I even bought new mags and had others shoot it with the same result. Mine had the external extractor and that might have played into some of the issues, because a friend of mine had a series 1 with the internal extractor and his worked great. I ended up trading it in for a HK P2000 SK, and got a 100% reliable gun and saved some money and "heart break." But again you might get one and find it to be great, (and I think kimber went back to the internal extractor design) but in my experience I would stick with the 4-5 inch 1911's

    Good luck with your choice as they are some sharp looking guns.

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    Buy at your own risk. My assessment, most run right , but you may get that occasionally bad apple. (for any brand of short 1911)
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    It's On My Side...

    as I type...
    My Ultra CDP II is a great little weapon that packs a real punch. It is very easy to conceal...
    Get it...

    Stay safe!

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    great gun i would like to get another one
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    Mine's been 100%. My only problem was the ambi-safety kept getting swiped off due to my big size trying to manuever in a tight space. I had the right side safety lever ground off and it's been super ever since.


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    My Ultra CDP II is outstanding! Accurate, reliable, comfortable to shoot and carry. I may be getting a second one since my young bride is making threatening moves at mine.
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    awesome guns, you need to be a true gun guy to really get what its capable out of it though.

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    To me,the CDP line has everything that you need in a CCW.

    Pay the "extra" and take delivery on what you will just end up putting on your weapon anyway.

    I own,carry,shoot,train with,and love both of my UC CDP II's. For me,they are the perfect CC weapon.

    With a little "common sense" you should never have a problem with these weapons. Even the "dreaded" 3". ---------

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    I carry an Ultra Tactical II

    Best CCW I ever owned ......

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    as with any gun you just don't know. you can get one out of the box that is 100%. or you can get the one that is 80%. hard to tell, that why when you buy a gun, you must take it to the range and shoot it. kimber makes a good gun, but you never known....<<<.. for my money i would look for an older colt (1980 time).

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    I've got one and love it. I had all sorts of ftf's etc. until I got it broken in but now it's great. I carry it as my pocket gun for which it's ideal, I use it almost as much as my Bobtailed Scandium Commander. It's approx the same size as a snubby. It has more rounds - 7 + !, .45 vice .38 (I don't like a snubby more powerful than that), it is light, fits in the pocket easily in my Sam Andrews, , pocket holster, it prints like a wallet, easy to reload and is easy to draw. The owners manual says it can take 500 rounds to break in, mine took 800 but it was a great exercise in patience and persistance. I'm very pleased with that acquisition which I can't say for some other guns I have bought over the years. Kimber is one of the best regarded of the pistol makers.
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