s&w m&p sheild 9mm

This is a discussion on s&w m&p sheild 9mm within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; how does every one like them i want a pocket gun but also want reliability best thing i found life time warranty and decent cheap ...

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Thread: s&w m&p sheild 9mm

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    s&w m&p sheild 9mm

    how does every one like them i want a pocket gun but also want reliability best thing i found life time warranty and decent cheap it not a high point or a 380 auto lol can i get some picks of people carry them in there pocket or where u prefer

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    Shield is great, I love it, however it is a bit too large for pocket carry. If I were you I would look at some slightly smaller guns if pocket carry will be your main method of carry.
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    Love mine. Very accurate, trigger is good, reliable so far, and conceils well. I agree that it is a bit large for pocket carry unless you are a pretty large person with deeper than normal pockets.

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    I have both the 9 and 40 and carry the 40 daily. IMO, the gun is a bit large and heavy for pocket carry even with cargo pants. I carry IWB.
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    dont be ripping on the 380acp.. its extremely deadly, as all firearms are. no joke.

    And my 45acp Hi-Point is cheap, ugly, and heavy, buts its made in the USA and saved my ass twice. Once from a two legged critter and once from a nasty vicious dog

    That being said, you'd have to have wide pockets i think, and rather large pants to discreetly pocket carry a shield. Maybe compare to a Ruger LC9, or Beretta nano 9mm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinner1790 View Post
    how does every one like them i want a pocket gun but also want reliability best thing i found life time warranty and decent cheap it not a high point or a 380 auto lol can i get some picks of people carry them in there pocket or where u prefer
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    I love my Shield 40
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    Like it just fine, just haven't had enough time to work with it. Once I do, it will likely replace my current .380 as pocket carry (it is a little large, but I've discovered that it can work in my pockets of what I typically wear.

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    The Shield great gun, good carry gun mine is light weight reliable and handles very well. But not a pocket pistol at least not for me.
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    Re: s&w m&p sheild 9mm

    We love ours...
    Not for pocket carry... imo

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    Had a Shield for a couple of months and then sold it. Decent gun but as the others are saying......not a pocket gun. I have a Sig P938 which would be a much easier pocket gun.

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    s&w m&p sheild 9mm

    Man I wish I could pick up one of these one the cheap. Buddy got one for $391 at his local BX on base

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    I have no regrets buying my 9mm Shield. It's a great little gun and has been 100% reliable with about 600 rounds so far. I'm shooting 147 gr. Federal HST's as my current 9mm defense load. It eats them like they were Skittles! (yum).

    While I usually use it as my back-up gun, it can also be readily used as my primary carry gun when I don't feel like carrying my full size M&P or my XD9sc. (Something I was loath to do with my .380 LCP). While I love the LCP, and it's always in my pocket, it's something I do not wish to rely on as my primary defensive weapon. The Shield can be a primary weapon, no problem.
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    I have a 9mm Shield and love it, but it is not a pocket gun.

    As for the rest of your post, I have no idea what you are asking. Your keyboard appears to be defective as it has no shift key or any punctuation keys.
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