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What would YOU carry in the florida heat?

This is a discussion on What would YOU carry in the florida heat? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Having carried in florida for years I have this down pat. My traditional attire is shorts and a t-shirt. I typically carry one of two ...

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Thread: What would YOU carry in the florida heat?

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    South Florida
    Having carried in florida for years I have this down pat. My traditional attire is shorts and a t-shirt. I typically carry one of two things. A Glock 23 with a spare mag with a Little Bear Holsters IWB. or a Dan Wesson CBOB 1911 .45 with 2 spare mags in a Pure Kustom Black ops Pro, usually IWB. Neither are super small guns and both are 100% concealable.

    The only caveat I have with carrying the 1911 is since it is prone to rust much more so than the Glock, I tend to favor the Glock.
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    Cargo shorts t shirt IWB Glock 23
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    I don't understand why people think that you can't carry a normal gun just because it is hot outside. It is true that you may have to adjust your wardrobe slightly, but not totally. I've carried a Glock 23 or Sig 228 on my person through many, many summers. 110 degrees with 90% humidity? Wife beater with a t-shirt over the top and go on with life.
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    Pt 22,small ,little weight as im small no way could i hide a 9mm nor want the weight.Gets 100 plus here for several months,wear as lil clothing as possible,shorts n t shirt,sandals.Truck carry a 45.

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    SW Florida
    I work outside lifting heavy crap quite a bit in SW Florida (I sweat bucketfulls while I'm out there). I switch between a stainless J frame and a couple other stainless guns depending on how I'm feeling that day... but most of the time it's the J frame.

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    Re: What would YOU carry in the florida heat?

    I'd carry the same way that I do here in AZ every day.

    I carry whatever I want, there are other factors that may change what I carry, but weather ain't one of em

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    Glock 19 95% of the time. The rest of the time it's a Ruger LCR

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    I carry an XDsc IWB wearing either shorts and a T or a tank with an open short sleeve shirt . I always wear a thin tank, which even under a tshirt doesn't bother me in the heat, but it sure makes me more comfortable not having the holster against my skin.

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    You get used to the heat, humidity & the weapon you chose to carry. During most of the year, I usually wear an untucked "fishing" shirt over a tee and it hides anything I want to carry. My normal carry is a G26 or a Colt 1911 CCO.
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    I carry either a Sig P220 Carry, Glock 30sf or Colt Commander here in Dallas.....summer or winter. If I have to wear a tucked shirt I pocket carry a Glock 26.

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    When I lived in FL for a year, I carried a full size 1911 at 3 o'clock with 2 10 rd mags at 9 o'clock. Shorts w/ gunbelt and a wifebeater, with either a polo or t-shirt as a cover garment. It's miserable down there - what gun you wear isn't going to change that. Carrying a couple pounds around on your belt isn't the hot part - it's the extra layers you think you need because your holster/belt/gun aren't hiding well enough.


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    I live in Southeast Florida, and as much as I hate hot weather I continue to stay here. Indeed, part of the reason I stay here is the fact that the laws regarding firearms ownership and carry are liberal. I am quite used to tolerating the ridiculous heat in the summertime, even though I don't like it. I ride a motorcycle all year long, and I already have to tolerate wearing boots, long pants, a mesh jacket, and a helmet. Figuring out a comfortable way to carry a handgun is not that big a deal considering all of that.

    I am pretty sure, ahead of time, that many people are not going to care for my carry solution. The reason is, it's off-the-body. I carry a Glock 27 in a small Bagmasyer zippered nylon case. It clips to my belt.

    I understand that my system does not provide for optimal deployability or speed of access. It's a calculated risk, like anything else. We already understand the negatives, but the positives are that the gun does not print or expose itself, ever; the gun is completely and positively retained until needed; and the gun is not subject to body moisture and the problems that can arise from that. It is also far more comfortable for me to carry in the case than it would be to have the gun IWB. I do occasionally carry in a kydex Fobus OWB paddle holster; that's ok for comfort, excellent for accessibility, but doesn't often work with my typical clothing choices (jeans shorts or jeans and a t-shirt).

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    Wife beater then a Hawaiian shirt will hide my G30 with ease. It will also hide larger guns if I want.
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    I carry a Sig P239 most of the time when outside. I carry IWB with a short-sleeved buttoned shirt that's not tucked in. I open carry a Walther PPQ in the house.

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    central florida
    Glock 26 in an Mtac holster. Shorts, tee shirt, and a short sleeve unbuttoned shirt for cover. And don't forget the flip flops!

    After a few years it doesn't feel hot until it hits the mid to upper 90s.
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