What would YOU carry in the florida heat?

What would YOU carry in the florida heat?

This is a discussion on What would YOU carry in the florida heat? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Assuming long sleeve, sweaters or heavy shirts are not an option, what would you carry in the heat of south florida? Realistically this means shorts ...

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Thread: What would YOU carry in the florida heat?

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    What would YOU carry in the florida heat?

    Assuming long sleeve, sweaters or heavy shirts are not an option, what would you carry in the heat of south florida? Realistically this means shorts or light pants/jeans and a t shirt. If you were in this climate year round, what gun would you carry and how? What would be the best trade off of comfort and power? I'm guessing the likely answer will be J frame, but we'll see.

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    Maybe a wife beater with loose light fitting button down shirt as a cover garment.
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    I live in southish Florida also. I carry a Ruger LCP (pocket), J Frame (pocket), or Glock 26 OWB everyday depending on my mood.
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    CC probably do what I do here when its 94 degrees loose fitting t shirt and jeans with a 9mm 40 or 45 iwb. I dont wear shorts period.
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    380 wallet holster back pocket.
    9mm in Sneaky Pete
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    M&P Shield IWB with a Tee shirt. Seecamp 32 in front pocket when dressed more formally with shirt tucked in.

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    Really SW, Virginia
    One of the two I usually carry, Ruger LCR or Kahr PM9
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    Glock 26 XD9sc
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    Portable air conditioner would be my first choice...

    For a gun, since I do not wear shorts, it would be the Shield 9 or 40 if IWB or my Ruger LCP for pocket carry. The Shield hides very well with just a T-shirt for cover.
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    i lived in miami for many mango season and i carried a j-frame back in them days. now i would pocket carry a kel tec p3at.
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    I carried my Glock 19 in a Brommeland Max-Con V for several days in 100-degree Miami last summer, no problems with comfort or concealment. I wiped it all down every evening. Shorts, wife-beater underneath and T-shirt as a cover garment.
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    I would carry the same exact way I did all summer, even on 95+ degree days, wearing shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. Glock 23 @ 1 o'clock.

    Appendix carry works really well for me, even with just a t-shirt, just can't do tight fitting anymore, but I don't like anything tight in the summer heat anyways.
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    I generally carry either my Glock 30 or S&W 6906 OWB under a loose, untucked, patterned shirt or a Duluth Trading Co. "Long-tail tee" with shorts year round--but the humidity still sucks.
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    Always over a 'wife beater t-shirt', I have either a colored T-shirt or a print shirt (both hang loose).
    Either of these easily cover my IWB or OWB with a Glock-36 in it.
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    I wear tropical/Cuban/bowling style shirts in the hot weather with shorts. I carry a 1911.
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