Fun to shoot a Sig again - the P226R - pics, of course...

Fun to shoot a Sig again - the P226R - pics, of course...

This is a discussion on Fun to shoot a Sig again - the P226R - pics, of course... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've always liked a Sig. I hadn't been shooting or carrying a Sig much lately; I've been leaning toward the 1911 platform, but I wanted ...

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Thread: Fun to shoot a Sig again - the P226R - pics, of course...

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    Fun to shoot a Sig again - the P226R - pics, of course...

    I've always liked a Sig. I hadn't been shooting or carrying a Sig much lately; I've been leaning toward the 1911 platform, but I wanted to shoot something different today, so back to the Sig 226R I went.

    A while back, I ordered a Raven Concealment holster that would accommodate this gun with a Viridian CL5 laser/light attached, so that's how I carried and shot it. This is an older pic, but this is the setup and the LaserMax UniMax was just in the pic - I didn't use it.

    The P226R comes in both the DA/SA and DAK models, this one is a DA/SA. The SA breaks right at 4 lbs 4 oz and really clean. Sig spec's the trigger at 4.5 lbs. The DA trigger pull is right at 10 lb 6 oz - a bit heavy if you ask me, but that's pretty typical of DA/SA guns. In fact some are as high as 12 lbs.

    This one also has the short trigger, the short reset (SRT), and the enhanced grip. Anyone should be able to reach the trigger with this set up.

    You may have noticed I have the mag release reversed; I really like operating the mag release with the trigger finger; it's faster an requires less gun motion.

    This particular gun has a bit of the infamous slide to frame rattle. It's very minimal; not nearly as bad as I have seen. The funny thing is, it doesn't seem to affect accuracy, as you shall see.

    Before I get to the target, I have to admit, I really don't know how I do this. I've done this numerous times before with two different brands and types of guns. In the past, I just wrote it off to one of those once in a lifetime things, but if that's the case, I should now be about a thousand years old. I wish I could say, if you do this, then.....but I can't. My eyes weren't even working as well as I would have liked. I could not get that nice clean sight picture. Apparently the brain sees more than what I see, or somehow knows what to do.

    So here it is - 4 shots, off-hand, 15 yards at a 3" dot. All were SA and with the SigLite sights. The laser was mounted, but I didn't have the Allen wrench to adjust it, so I didn't use it. Did I mention the gun shoots low? I had to adjust my hold, still...This was the only dot I shot at 15 yards.

    and a closer look - 3 shots are in a 7/16" ctr-to-ctr group and the fourth makes it a 1-1/4" group. I can't hold the gun responsible for the wide shot at all; I knew when I shot it, it was gonna be off a bit; I really thought I missed it by more than that.

    There might be ground to question where the four shots are. One, the first shot, is just off the red dot, the second hit beside and a bit low from the first and the third hit almost on top of the second. It's hard to see from the pic; it's more obvious on the target itself. Of course it could be I had two shots together, one off to the right and the fourth completely missed the dot, the head, and the target. I don't think so! Seriously, it's clear from the target.

    I didn't make pics of the rapid fire; that was fun, but I didn't time them so they would be pretty much meaningless. It requires as much of my mental focus for the fast stuff as the long stuff. The rapid fire was fun and moderately fast, but the SigLites are not the fastest sights to pick up in rapid fire, especially when it's a black dot. Even on the orange they're slower.

    As for the C5L laser/light, here's a pic of rapid fire target I shot at 7 yds using the laser about a year ago; of course you have no sense of the time, but I recall being impressed with the speed with the laser:

    Needless to say, I'll have to carry this gun for awhile until I want something different once again, and so the circle will begin all over again.

    Anyway, fun day at the range - kinda makes up for those frustrating days. I'm certainly re-impressed with the Sig P226, and I expect the P229 would perform about the same.
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    Nice post, Tangle!

    I really don't know how I do this
    It might have something to do with your round count and some skills you've built up, ya think? Nice shootin' there!
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    I had a 226R at one time. Got a good offer on it and sold it. Kind of wish I had kept it, but you know hindsight is 20-20.
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    I have two Sigs, a P226 in 9mm I purchased along with holster and two spare mags and carrier for "duty use" in 1988. At the time Dept issue was a Model 64 4" BB and we were carrying speed loaders by then, total 18 rds on the belt. The Dept did not have fundes to equip all, so they made the offer to do the training (3 days). Tne weapons approved for use were on a list, and so I ordered the Sig P226 and three 15 rd mags. We got the package in a deal through a gun shop and then training started .... some had S&Ws, Rugers, and Sigs. We shot thousands of rounds in countless drills over three days, qualified several times, shoot dry, reload, shoot dry over and over (wore a callus on my thumb from reloading mags ... haha) .... but all those drills so impressed me. Not one malfunction of any of the Sigs, not even the one that was dropped by one trooper on concrete! I opted for Tritium sights, they are very dim now so I am looking at replacenments.

    Later the Dept did switch to semi autos, big S&Ws in 10mm that the FBI refused because of the "safety". Many did not like that gun, some did. Mine was "OK" but very heavy and I longed for the Sig platform.

    Then a few years later, the Dept got a good trade deal and took the S&Ws up and we got Sig P229s in .357 Sig. in DA/SA and a few years later, those were traded in for current issue P229Rs DAO in .357 Sig. All the Sigs came with Tritium sights. When I retired recently, I bought my then duty weapon, I love them Sigs.
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    I don't like Sigs for carry (To big and heavy for me) but I REALLY like them for range use, homed defense "tactical pistol", etc. The only reason I don't own one is that they are pretty pricey. That being said I would REALLY like to get a 226 in .40 I think a snappy round like the .40 really shines on a larger and heavier platform like a full size sig.
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    My wife got a 226R a couple months ago. I love shooting it so much that I want one for myself. I am leaning toward the 2022 due to $$$$.
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