New M&P Shield

New M&P Shield

This is a discussion on New M&P Shield within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A few moons ago, I put a deposit down at TWO gun stores for an M&P Shield. Back in November, gun store #1 called and ...

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Thread: New M&P Shield

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    New M&P Shield

    A few moons ago, I put a deposit down at TWO gun stores for an M&P Shield. Back in November, gun store #1 called and said my Shield was in. This was before all the real madness and I went down and bought it. I paid $400 for it.

    A few weeks later, gun store #2 said my Shield was in. I was going to cancel it, but just said thanks. Yesterday (1/12/13) I finally went down and picked it up. I figure, with all the madness, I might need another gun. I now have only two guns in my safe.

    A few things of note:
    • I got it for $400. Of course, they have none left in stock and I fear to know the going rate for that gun
    • I still don't actually possess the gun. I, of course, had to undergo a background check and when I inquired about 30 minutes later, I was 200th in line in the computer. Approximately a two hour wait. I live an hour from this shop so I decided to go home and return on a different day.
    • They still had lots of guns. I asked the clerk and he said before the madness, they had an inventory of 5000 guns. (It is the largest store in the region.) Now they only have 2000. They still had some ARs for sale and some other desirable guns, but no Glocks, M&Ps, XDs, etc. Rifles were pretty much limited to hunting rifles. I don't know what that 2000 is. There were many displayed. Prices were a "bit" higher, but not gouging.
    • A box of .22LR ammo (a brick of 525) was going for $30. Limit 2.
    • Hard to find any ammo for it. They had ammo, but no .223/5.56. A box of 9mm target ammo was going for $15.
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    I alos got my Shield before the madness. I recently picked up a HK45 - my second mid-sized HK...but I think it will serve me well over the next few months until ammo availability and prices gradually drift back to normalcy. The ability to pick up either 9mm or .45 to go and shoot a weekly IDPA match will probably make my life a little easier.

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    I picked up a full-sized M&P 9mm yesterday for $479 plus tax, the last one they had in stock. They did not have a Glock 9mm in the store.
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    I gave up on ever getting a Shield. Been on a list since before Halloween. Said to heck with it, and had them order me an 870 Police instead.

    Congrats on the Shield.

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    i sold my 40 shield to get a 9mm shield since im heavily stocked in 9mm
    XD Subcompact 9MM
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    Congrats of the new Shield's!

    We have 2 LGS within a few minutes of the house...yesterday we went to the bigger of the two. No AR-AK-SKS-FN-M1(A)-Mini-14 series type of rifles anywhere, including in the back. Very little ammo for any of those calibers.

    Shotty's and lever actions plus M&P in the .22 were all they had.

    Semi-handguns were ok, still no Shields, but a few M&P, some Glocks and HK, but not the full display. Also, butt naked on revolvers except for little .22's and a very nice SW 686 with engravings for $989.00. 38/357 ammo was ok, as was 9mm.

    The smaller of the LGS near us is mostly the same as above, but they do have more wheel guns in stock, less ammo. They only had Federal Hydra-Shok at 25.95 / box for 9mm, all otehr brands sold out.
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