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So I lied about buying a Glock

This is a discussion on So I lied about buying a Glock within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by darebear ...I made a thread a couple weeks ago that explained my desire to switch to a Glock for my EDC... ...went ...

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Thread: So I lied about buying a Glock

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    Good Choice!

    Quote Originally Posted by darebear View Post
    ...I made a thread a couple weeks ago that explained my desire to switch to a Glock for my EDC...
    ...went to go pick up a Glock 19 and to my surprise NO ONE had a Glock 19 in stock. So this was the first gun I picked up and I kinda fell in love with it...
    I had a similar experience. Last year, I decided I was going to sip the Kool-Aid and buy my first Glock. As I was handling the G19 and the G26, and getting ready to make a choice, the saleslady handed me an M&P 9 and asked, "Have you looked at one of these?" Comparing them all side-by-side, the M&P won for me.

    Bought the M&P 9, then the very next week the Shield was released. I ended up getting a Shield 9, too, to keep the full-size company.

    A couple weeks ago, with the looming threats of large-cap gun bans on my mind, I went ahead & rounded out my M&P family with a 9C. Guess I've become a bit of an M&P fan!

    Like you, I have owned one (and only one) .40 S&W pistol (an XDm40). I think the .40 is fine for a police or military sidearm, or OC, but it's not the best choice for a compact or subcompact CCW.

    Congrats on the M&P - You're going to love it!


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    Coming from a G19 guy, I think you made a nice choice!

    I really like the M&P lineup, and have been hankering to own one.
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    Nice gun. I know a couple of folks that prefer them to Glocks.
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    Nice weapon. Now you can save your dough to get a G19 when they become available again.
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    I'm a G19 fan as well, but Mrs. Ghost Tracker keeps behaving like mine...BELONGS TO HER! Sooo, I can rationalize no better excuse than that to go get an M&P! Because, we all know, that ANY excuse is muuuuch better than, reason at all. Nice Pick!
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    We will forgive you for lieing about a glock. Since you bought something nicer. I have the same gun enjoy yours.

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    Love my 9c. Congratulations.

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    I did essentially the same as you. I wanted a Glock 23 ever since WI had passed a concealed carry law over a year ago. I had given my duty G23 to my son & didn't feel right asking for it. I was all set to buy the Glock when my son, a new Police Officer told me about the M&P 40 that he was issued. Coming from someone who loves Glocks (he has the G21 .45 cal as well) meant a lot after he put over 2000 rounds downrange at the Academy. He thought the M&P 40C would be just perfect for me. I wound up buying one for about $150 less than a G23. The only trouble with that is I have to wait as the gun store was out of stock but I probably would have had to wait for a Glock, too. This particular store sells guns at a good price for LEO, Security & Military. That's probably why they can't keep guns on the shelf. Someday I'd still like to have a Glock as well as the M&P. I'm thinking either a full size G22 or a sub compact. OR - an M&P 40 or a Shield. Money is tight at this time so it might be awhile. Meanwhile prices on firearms & related items will probably keep going up. As long as I'm armed it's no big rush.

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    I test fired an M&P 9c along with a Gen 3 G26 and liked how the M&P shot better than the G26. It was very easy point and shoot and very accurate for me. I chose the G26 mainly because of the mag release on the M&P 9c (being left-handed, I inadvertently released the mag while racking the slide), the availability of left-handed holsters for the G26, and the availability of a G26 that day in the LGS.

    It is a nice pistol in fact I wish it could have worked out for me. Congrats.

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    Got rid of my M&P 9C some time ago and wound up with an XD9SC, which I really like, but wish I could have kept the M&P. Money was an issue--- isn't it always for many of us?--- but, someday, there just might be another M&P in my future.
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