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Do you/would you carry a gun in .40?

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Thread: Do you/would you carry a gun in .40?

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    g23 on and off duty.
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    I carry various combinations, but think highly of my S&W SD 40 VE. Shoots easily, carries handily IWB.

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    Glock 27 is on my hip most of the time
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    Ex Member Array Richard58's Avatar
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    Charlotte area of North Carolina
    If u have a 45 GAP glock is there a 40 or a 357 sig barrel conversion available??

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    VIP Member Array Ghost1958's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    Yep carry a 40 now and in the past also. First was a Taurus 840. Taurus gets picked on a lot but that one was great. Fed anything lots of rounds thru it accurate. Now have the S W 40 VE and love it. 40 is a bit snappier than 45 but that doesnt bother me and can put follow ups in a 4 inch group from 20 yards as fast with the 40 as with a 9mm.
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    Jan 2012
    I settled on the 40 because I thought it was a good combination of capacity and power. I have a 9mm too and would like to add a 45 at some point. I really don't have issues with any of main auto calibers(9, 40, 45 - and I can see where the 357 Sig and 10mm have a place). I have a 9mm barrel for my G23, and may pick up a 357 Sig barrel at some point. Like any tool, it will come down to how well you use it which will come from practice. I've never felt it was snappy as others felt, but maybe that's just me. Define what your selection criteria is and then measure it against that.

    The caliber debate can be line engine oil. Everyone's got an opinion on the best and will swear X has never let them down, but, in the end, you've go to be happy with you selection. You'll always be able to find a story somewhere where one caliber didn't fare well in a particular situation and had the person only had Z instead of Y things would have turned out differently. We're just lucky to have choices.

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    Oct 2012
    I have a Sig P229 in .40. It was my first pistol and I still love it, although it's bulky for EDC.

    I bought a .40 for two reasons:
    - My dad had one (glock 22)
    - My boyfriend at the time had one (Sigma)

    Hey I was 21! The two men in my life told me .40 was a great round! There was no internet then (well it was there but nobody had it) so I didn't do any reading, I just got the one that I liked. I tested a couple other pistols and liked the Sig.

    I don't regret it. My next will be a .45 just because I want another 1911, but I don't disparage the .40 round.

    And, right now it's easier to find. Wal Mart had a box of 100 Remington and a couple boxes of 50 Tulammo but that was all they would let me buy at one time >:(

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    New Member Array skarrde's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    United States

    Re: Do you/would you carry a gun in .40?

    Carry a Sr40c and love it. I find that it fits the hand well and I like the snap it has. That and it was $40 cheaper than the sr9c.

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    New Member Array TxRanger's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Used to own/carry 9s and 40s. Decided I liked the compromise of good stopping power of the 40 with a decent mag capacity. Also easier to have just one type of ammo for all my toys. And more 40 seems to be available.

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    lel is offline
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    boston, ma
    Quote Originally Posted by skatalite View Post
    I'm a 9mm fan but am thinking of throwing a .40 into the mix. I figure I'll go with a Glock model of some kind, or even a S&W M&P40C since I have one in 9mm.

    Do you carry a .40? If so, which? And why a .40 over any other caliber?

    Would you carry a .40? Why or why not?

    I carry a Glock 23 & M&P .40 compact. I like the .40 contrary to a lot of other folks. It gives me more capacity than .45 and a bit more stopping power than 9mm. I don't have a problem with the recoil pushing the gun up, instead of back like a .45. Follow-up shots are quick and on target.

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    I of my 3 EDC's I use (not at the same time) is a S&W 4003.

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    Member Array flydoc's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Glock 27 daily

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    Dec 2012
    i have a glock 23 gen 3 got in november of 2012. already want another 40, going to get a g22 gen 4 next week cant wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sebring View Post
    I went to buy a 9mm Glock a couple days ago, but they didnt have any 9mm ammo. So I left with the .40 ammo for my S&W. I couldnt use 9mm if I wanted too.
    For this reason alone I'm considering picking up a .40 again. My only .40 to date was a Glock 22 that I sold 15 years ago. In my neck of the woods there's not a single round of 9mm for sale in the entire city. But there's a good stock of .45 ACP and a ton of forty. I've got an FNP45 Tactical, which is an awesome gun but a bit big to carry. At least I can bust some caps. I have plenty of 9mm for carry but not a lot to burn up at the range. So maybe I will get a .40 Smith just to be able to keep my chops up.

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    I own two .40 S&W semi-automatics; a SIG-Sauer P229 and a S&W Performance Center Shorty Forty. I rotate carrying them (along with a S&W 5904 9mm, sometimes) them during the Autumn and Winter months here in PA. I feel comfortable and well-armed carrying either of them.

    Eye candy, gratuitous, two each:

    My thinking is that a .40 S&W has a bit of an edge in penetration over that of a 9mm or a .45 ACP if an armed attacker is wearing heavy clothing. I'm not saying that a 9mm or .45 wouldn't stop an attacker under those conditions but, I just feel a tad better knowing that the .40 S&W has a slight edge in that regard and I like having an edge. Of course, it all comes down to projectile design and the placement of the shot.
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