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Do you/would you carry a gun in .40?

This is a discussion on Do you/would you carry a gun in .40? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had a .40. Didn't care for it. In my opinion, there's nothing a .40 can do that a 9mm +P cannot....

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Thread: Do you/would you carry a gun in .40?

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    I had a .40. Didn't care for it. In my opinion, there's nothing a .40 can do that a 9mm +P cannot.
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    As several others have stated I don't plan on adding any .40's to our arsenal mostly because we have enough calibers now to keep track of.
    We are all quite happy with our 9mm's and when a little bigger bag may be required a .38+P fills the need.

    Maybe someday if they ever make a unique .40 we will give it a try but for now we are content.

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    .40 S&W provides the capacity, velocity, punch and wound size I favor for EDC. My choice of pistols for this purpose wearing summer clothing is a G27. For winter clothing, a FNS-40.
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    Do you/would you carry a gun in .40?

    Quote Originally Posted by nframe357 View Post
    I switched from 9mm to 40 early last month, SIG P229 and love it! I've had on the job 40's of Glock and S&W and never liked them. The 229 is the platform for the 40.
    Best pistol i've shot .40 through. It was very soft shooting through a Range rental P229!

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    I like the cost and magazine capacity of 9mm.

    I like the power of the .45. (I also just prefer my 1911 in .45ACP)

    I've fired my LEO buddy's Glock 22(Fullsize .40S&W) and it had more perceived recoil than my buddy's Glock 30(subcompact .45 ACP)... go figure...

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    I sometimes carry a 40, if I'm not carrying a 45 or 10mm.
    Prefer 40 over 9mm.
    The minimum is not what I want to defend my life with.

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    I've tried 40's but they are my least favorite caliber because I do not shoot them very well. All my handguns are 9mm. I love 45 out of a steel 5 inch 1911 and one of these days will just need to scratch that itch. I also like 357sig and shoot it much better than 40, but frankly Winchester Ranger 127gr +p+ (which is what I keep in my HK USPf and M&Pf) is so close to 357sig that I am not sure I would be gaining much by moving to 357 rather than the 127 gr +p+

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    I carry my Glock 23 when I'm out and about. The only thing I don't like about it vs a 9mm is the ammo cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bombthrower77 View Post
    I voted "no". I'm waiting for someone to tell me what I get from that round that I can't get from a stout 9mm with +p+ loads, or a .45 with Ranger T's.
    I'm a newbie here so please dont take this as me trying to start a fight. I'm just trying to learn since I'm new to semi-auto world.I usually shot my .357 revolvers.I have my first real semi (non 22lr) on layaway in .40. I often hear people make a comment like this and wonder about it. I could be completely wrong here so if I am anyone and everyone feel free to educate me. When you start getting into +p and +P+ your just getting into the ballpark of the .40. But if your adding in =p ammo what happens when you step the 40 up to the +p 40 ammo like BB makes. The +p ammo bb makes is almost putting the .40 into average .357 power but with a larger bullet. Please remember I'm just learning so clear me up. Also with the +p+ 9mm ammo arent you bringing the recoil up significantly where you get to the place that it may be close to the same as the .40? I'm new as I said my my thoughts here are just based on severl months of reading and studying, I has no "real world" experience with either cal.

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    Carry a S&W M&P 40c or Colt NA .45. Wife carries the 9's
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    I carry a Springfield XDm in .40 and absolutely love it. My previous EDC was a TZ-75 in 9mm, but that was a very heavy gun to wear on my hip so it normally went in a shoulder holster. I wanted something that was lighter to carry and still had good stopping power. After testing many different pistols I chose the XDm. I still occassionally carry both with the XDm as primary at 3 o'clock and the TZ as backup.

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    I carried a .40 for many years. The only reason I quit was do to a wrist injury that bothers me whenever I try to shoot .40 anymore.
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    I like the 9mm recoil better... Also, it seems like all the advances in ammo have made the 9mm round a lot more versatile. Really good 9mm ammo can stop just as well as .40 cal.

    Anyway, I just go with what feels good and what I can handle effectively.
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    I have carried a Glock 23 on and off the job and I like the .40 S&W round just fine.

    Do you/would you carry a gun in .40?-photo.jpgDo you/would you carry a gun in .40?-photo.jpgDo you/would you carry a gun in .40?-image-4.jpg
    click images to enlarge....

    Loaded with a quality self defense round such as the Gold Dot or Golden Saber in 165 gr. makes this I believe a very formidable handgun for anti-personnel use in a compact package.

    Put the rounds where they are suppose to be and you are going to be just fine if your choice for SD is a .40 S&W in a quality platform.




    I do have a 9mm that gets carried now and then for sentimental reasons and I feel well armed with it also but the day to day workhorse is the .40 Glock 23.

    Do you/would you carry a gun in .40?-photo.jpg
    click image to enlarge....
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    I carry the H&K P30 .40 S&W, it fits me for my size.

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