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Do you/would you carry a gun in .40?

This is a discussion on Do you/would you carry a gun in .40? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Personally i only carry .45 & the wife carries 9mm I have owned .40's but not a huge fan, alot of people are scared to ...

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Thread: Do you/would you carry a gun in .40?

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    Personally i only carry .45 & the wife carries 9mm
    I have owned .40's but not a huge fan,
    alot of people are scared to shoot a .45 but in my experience the .40 is the snappiest little bugger.
    Plus its real easy to tell the 9mm & .45 apart quickly if they get mixed up
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    I just bought a .40 because there were no .9mm guns that comfortably fit my hand when I stopped by the LGS. I may get a small 9mm when the current panic buying spree settles down.

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    Yes, I have a G23 and a G27. I carry both often. As to why, I like having a round that is bigger and more powerful than the 9, because you can't always count on expansion. I frequently carry a .45 ACP for the same reason. I like the 9 and I do own a couple and carry them from time to time but more frequently it's a .40 or .45.

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    I'm strictly .40S&W. I carry a Glock 23, Sigma 40VE & have an M&P 40C on order. I used to have a 1911 9MM. I have nothing against any other calibers but like to standardize on one size. When My 40C comes in I'm thinking of adding a .357 barrel or a 9MM or both. With the 9MM barrel I'd have to get some magazines for it. The stock .40 mags will also take .357 sig. I might just invest my money in higher cap mags if /when available. We'll see.

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    I have three .380s (PPK/S, P238, LCP), three 9mm (G26, G19, G17), and three .45 ACP (XDs, SIG C3, Glock 30) carry guns. Nine carry guns, not one chambered in S&W .40. I've not found a .40 I can shoot as well at the pistols I already have.

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    I started shooting a 9mm for ammo cost. But if I had my crystal balls to see into the future Id opt for the 40. I still like the 9mm platform though.

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    I carry a .45, but I wouldn't have a problem with a .40.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatalite View Post
    I'm a 9mm fan but am thinking of throwing a .40 into the mix. I figure I'll go with a Glock model of some kind, or even a S&W M&P40C since I have one in 9mm.

    Do you carry a .40? If so, which? And why a .40 over any other caliber?

    Would you carry a .40? Why or why not?

    I carry a 9 or a .45. There's no reason for me to carry or consider a .40

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    Our local police department is currently in the process of switching from .40 caliber Glocks to the .45 caliber Sig. You can read that story here...

    Feel free to agree or disagree with the argument about stopping power. I already have two pistols in .45 ACP.

    I won't be buying a .40 simply because I don't need another caliber of ammo that I can't find anywhere.

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    Nov 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram25 View Post
    Springfield Armory XD40SC is my EDC.
    Same here.

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    New Member Array Fruitcake's Avatar
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    Jan 2013

    Red face

    I switch between my G27 and SP101 357.
    40sw recoil doesnt bother me one bit. I dont see what all the recoil fuss is about.
    I also have a G19 but rarely carry it, kind of wimpiesh ( to me that is).
    I just feel better carrying 40, 45, or 357 mag.

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    Senior Member Array RubenZ's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    I wouldn't. I'd rather just get a 10mm.
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    Glock 22 for CCW and home defense. The 40 packs almost the same punch as a 45 and lets you have a few more rounds. Some say its snappy, but thats what practice practice practice is for. I dont know that I would like shooting it in a subcompact though. My Kahr 9mm sub is snappy as it is.

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    Southern Indiana but have a permanent residence in South Coastal Texas
    I own a XD40 that is fun to shoot but I carry a Ruger SP101 .357. At times on weekends depending on clothes I`ll carry a .45 acp. I just love my little revolver and have always liked the .357 round.
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    Love my S&W 40VE had it for about 5 years now. Carry it often during the winter when clothes permit that large of a handgun IWB. I also love my LC9 for comfort and concealment, but I find the 9mm as snappy or more than my .40 (obviously has a lot to do with weight and barrel length) but I feel very comfortable either way and confident that if the need presents itself that either would do it's job! I say find what feels the best in your hands......and then find that same gun in the largest caliber you are comfortable with! I am also a fan of the fact that I have no issue finding .40 ammo in these crazy times where all the other shelves seem to be bare.
    Good Luck and God Speed

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