Stoeger Cougar or CZ-75

This is a discussion on Stoeger Cougar or CZ-75 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Specifically the compact 9mm versions of each pistol. Mainly interested because of the SA/DA and the fact they're not polymer. No offense meant, it's just ...

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Thread: Stoeger Cougar or CZ-75

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    Stoeger Cougar or CZ-75

    Specifically the compact 9mm versions of each pistol.
    Mainly interested because of the SA/DA and the fact they're not polymer. No offense meant, it's just not my preference and weight is not a real concern.
    As I've read, they're both reliable and of good quality.
    Anyone shot both?
    Opinions good or bad.

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    I have a CZ85B (the ambi version of the CZ75), because I am a lefty. CZs are great, accurate, soft to shoot, and used by many competition shooters. IMO CZ is the best underrated pistol out there. They do have a break-in period, during which mine was very finicky and had several failures to feed, and even a few stovepipes, but about the 300 round mark, all problems ceased and the gun will shoot anything.

    The only problem I have ever seen with CZs is availability; they are usually hard to find.
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    I'd pick the CZ in a heartbeat. I've got a full-size CZ75 and I'd get a compact if the budget allowed.

    I've never been overly impressed with Beretta handguns. They're OK, but they just never ignited any passion in me.
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    Have shot several CZ's and owned a couple of the CZ P-01 9mm. Exceptional reliability, highly accurate, great ergonomics (for me), 14+1. Heavy enough to easily control recoil on even the snappiest 9mm. Simple enough that there's not much to go wrong. Large, easily manipulated controls. Similar to the D Compact PCR, though with the light rail up front. My preference, too, is for the all-metal DA/SA pistols. P-01 or PCR, either of these CZ's would be my recommendation.

    Another highly underrated pistol you might want to consider that's roughly of the same sort (metal, DA/SA, similar reliability, accuracy and ergonomics) is the Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact Pro 9mm. Many people rave about them. And I tend to see more of these in-stock on shelves than either of the other two types you've mentioned.
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    Stoeger is ok... Shot my dad's a few times. But, I have to say the CZ-75 is probably the sweetest 9mm I've ever shot!
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    I have a Stoeger and a Beretta 8040 Cougar. I also own a CZ 2075 in 40 S&W and a cz clone compact 9mm and just sold a CZ clone compact 40 S&W( Springfield P9C)

    Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The CZ's are heavier guns as the are all steel where the Beretta/Stoeger has an alloy frame. Also the Beretta has a decocker (I only see that as an advantage in training..easier to drop the hammer for first shot double action). The CZ have a better trigger with smoother double action and crisper single action, but both have acceptable triggers.

    I carry both but tend to carry the compact 2075 more and the compact 75 clones less because of weight. When I carry the Beretta/Stoeger I use a Milt Sparks VM-II and it carries all day nicely.

    If it was a direct comparison between a CZ75 clone vs a Cougar, I would pick the Cougar....Lighter than the all steel compacts, and in my mind more reliable than the I have NEVER had an issue in thousands of different rounds with the Cougars and very infrequent, but occasional FTF with the CZ compacts.

    With that said, both are extremely reliable, quality guns so at this point it is a matter of personal preference, cost and availability. (BTW: I am no fan of Beretta handguns, but the Cougars are the exception for me). There is no appreciable difference between the Stoeger and Beretta, with the only visible difference being the guide rod...plastic Stoeger, steel Beretta and the grips..Stoeger emblem on grips, Beretta on the Beretta. Yhey feel exactly the same in the hand and shoot the same.
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    Stoeger Cougar owns in genesis to the Beretta 92fs (M9) and was sold as a Beretta 8000 until 2004. It's a chunky thing but there's nothing at all bad to say about this Turkish made, Beretta designed handgun. As for the CZ-75? It's one of the most universally respected 9mm fight guns in the world. If it were my choice, I'm goin' with the CZ-75. In fact, my next EDC project may well be a CZ-75c converted to SAO. Enjoy whichever you pick!
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    Stoeger Cougar or CZ-75

    I have shot both and I owned the Stoeger at one point - that being said, CZ75 without a doubt.

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    Get the CZ, doesn't matter which model you go with, P-01, PCR or Compact. You'll not regret it.
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    I've owned variants of each and preferred the CZ by a wide margin.

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    Cz all the way.

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    I guess I'll have to be contrarian and say get the Cougar. Granted, I've never owned or even shot a CZ, but my Cougar 8045 is probably my favorite handgun.

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    CZ hands down
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    I've never had the opportunity to shoot a Cougar, but was very interested in them at one time because of the rotary bolt. I've handled one though and it's nowhere near as ergonomic as a CZ or as well made.
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    I carry a CZ75 compact in a Sideguard holster. It is incredibly accurate and soft shooting at the range. The 75compact is a steel frame with a safety. You can carry cocked and locked.
    PCR is the decocker version.
    P01 is the alloy frame with decocker.

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